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Book Review: Weddings from hell

Book Review: Weddings from hell

Some marriages are made in heaven . . . Some are not.

What happens when "the happiest day of your life" turns into a nightmare? Forget the drunken best man or the bridesmaid dresses from the '80s . . . none of these wedding day disasters can compare to a cursed bride determined to make it down the aisle, or a vampire who is about to disrupt your wedding.

Join New York Times bestselling authors Maggie Shayne and Jeaniene Frost, USA Today bestseller Kathryn Smith, as well as Terri Garey in four unforgettable tales of unholy matrimony . . . where the grooms are dark, dangerous, and mostly dead, and to love and cherish till death takes on a whole new meaning.

The first story starts off by Maggie Shayne, Till Death. About a descendant who was cursed by her ancestor t to die by her husband's hands should be betray her (having an affair).

I didn't like this story. I think the author was more used to writing novels than a 91 page short story. I get the feeling that she's rushing. The love between Kira (heroine) and Ian (hero) was like a wham-i-love-you! type of story. The story focuses on the curse and the heroine trying to get rid of the curse than the love story between Kira and Ian.

So, no. I didn't like this.

The second story is the reason why i borrowed this book. (Title: Happily Never After)


She is the author of the Night Huntress Series and you won't be disappointed when you READ IT!!

This story is great, great, GREAT! Absolutely book-tastic! Plus Bones is in it!!! XD Oh how i love Bones *sigh* He's just the perfect man. *dreamy sigh* Nearly fainted when i saw Bones' name in the story XXDDDD Hahaha!

For some, their crush is

But i will never stray from my crush!!! Never!

Trust me on this Bones! Believe me!!

This (great!) story is about vampires. Here's the blob: To save her brother, Isabella is about to reluctantly walk down the aisle with Mr. Dangeroulsy Wrong ... unless Chance, a dashing vampire, can derail this wedding of the beauty to the beast.

Then the excerpt concerning Bones!!!! (XD ahahaha!)

The old woman smiled. "Do you know what you two are?" she asked in an amused voice. ...

"Yeah, we're the guys robbing you!" the one with the knife snapped.

"No," said a voice from the other end of the alley, an English accent decorating his words. "You're dinner."

Before the two could blink, they were dangled by their throats from pale, rock-steady hands. One was yanked close to the black-clad figure. The stranger's eyes changed from brown to glowing green as he dipped his head to the exposed throat. The youth's partner in crime, still hoisted aloft, could only make terrified grunts as he watched fangs pierced his friend's neck. ....

The stranger wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and then pulled the old woman to him. ...

"I was thinking you'll be hungry Bones..."

He chuckled. .. "Same old Greta. Always finding ways to please her blokes."

Bones' beautiful face hadn't change with time.. Time ...had no power over the blond vampire standing in front of her.

The appearance of Bones!!!

I just fell harder in love *shiny eyes*

Great story!!!!

The third story i skipped.

The forth is by Kathryn Smith, The Wedding Knight. It is set in the historical times. Hero is a vampire, the heroine is a woman who fell in love with the hero and sets off to make him fall in love with her. This is a bit confusing, especially with the plot about the hero's ties with an organisation. But i like the ending.

Even with Jeaniene Frost's (great!) story, i will (reluctantly) give the book a 3 out of 5. The other 3 stories weren't what i wanted when i choose a paranormal book. Too rushed! :(

But still enjoyed reading HAPPILY NEVER AFTER!

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