Friday, April 30, 2010

Photos taken by yours truly.

In the morning at Jurong East MRT


The window at the top of a building


In a library

At the top of a building


How's these?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Look at that!

A horrible period.

Not that kind of period i assure you

I am now munching away on biscuits because there wasn't enough time for recess. Why? Because we had a full blown Chinese Prelim Exam. Exam, mind you.

P1 was ok, since i had time to check my work. (Maybe because i sucked up my friend's luck ;} ) But i'm uncertain whether i'll pass.

P2 was ... terrible. I HAD NO IDEA WHATSOEVER about the c**p it was talking about. I'm gonna fail it TT__TT What's more, i can't retake it (since it's the Prelim) and it's gonna be looked at my the JC teachers!!

I'm gonna die a horrible death...

Oh wait! Who's body is that down there?

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Last Emaths Max Out

Like what the title said, today was the last emaths Max Out (at least for this semester)

TT__TT Boohuhuhu!  Now no more walking back with YJ again!

Forgot what i was planing to blog about...

BTW, I managed to connect with my childhood friend who moved to Indonesia!!

I'm sooooo happy right now :DDDD, all thanks to the web.

Ah, what will we do without her.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Walking back in time

Went for a ran/jog/walk nearby my home.

Then came near my primary school. 4 years already. ... You know, i used to grumble about why i can't take bus to my house (since at that time I "innocently" believed that taking a bus seems cool ... How wrong i was.)

Anyway, the walls have been painted again. (Pfew... It's been 4 years. Of course it'll be re-painted!)

The area when the ice-cream stall man would come on every hot and humid day.

Walking back to my home.

When to the playground i had to cross to go back to my home after school.
^^ Overcame The Wall


that i couldn't when i was still in primary school

Evidence that i did!

Hehe, but i got some scraps at my elbow.

Total time spent: 20 min.

It had been 3 years since i last really walked the path that i did when i was a primary student. It was ... nice. :)


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shopping on Sat.

It's 10pm and my battery is almost low. Still, i will perserve in telling you what i did today (though i know you're really not interested at all).

Luck for me the phy remedial ended early. Got enough time to meet J. :D hehehe

We, with J. and WT, went to National Library Building at 100 Victoria Street aka The Plaze aka Central Library because of the event hosted by the library.

If you didn't notice this

on any of the newspaper, then i must say you're out of luck.

Anyway, the event was a success, based on the people who were there.

And since i dropped off 7 books for this event, i got 7 coupons, meaning i could get 7 books from this event (i.e. used books)

These are 2 of the 7 that i got:

"The Holocast" is interesting. Those who study the chapter on Nazi Germany has to read this. You'll sure to be able to understand this (at least for the first few chapters) since there's reference to the Nazi's SA, SS, Hitler's hatred of Jews, his published book Mein Kampf, etc.

J. was able to get 2 coupons, therefore, being able to get 2 books ^^

And there was those who had exchanged many books.
Look at the stacks of books!!! I'm envious.



We were there. These are our evidence of our participation.

Then we walked around Bugis Village. It was actually the first time that i had really walked through it. Usually i just pass through the main street. I didn't even know that there was a second storey! (shows how informative i am...)

Then i bought a short shorts for myself. A Short Shorts! A SHORT SHORTS!!!!! It's the first one i ever had. Kinda glad i have it but..... i don't think it's worth the price i bought for it... (And yet i did... *sigh* )

But i did enjoyed the "bargining battle" we had against the auntie beautiful lady. :D From $25 to $22. Not a large difference but i'm proud of myself, since it was the first time i did that :}

Here's the photo of the shorts that i bought:


After that we entered Dragon Street.

For people looking for a part time job, there are plenty there, at Bugis Village.

And we ended our trip at Bugis.

^^ I enjoyed myself. It was an "enlightening" experience. :)

How did your Sat go?


Friday, April 16, 2010

What 14 April meant to me

It's the day when the seniors stepped down and of course my brother's birthday

After some presentations done by us, we celebrated!

 Ca-ki ca-ki ca-ki !!

But first, we had a small video done by ___ to show the times we spent in the workshops Life Science managed to get for us. Soap making! Cream formulation! and also the pictures of the BioTech Fair that Billy, Fatimah, Suzin, Qing Ling and me attended. :D

Ahh, what memories.

Then Mrs Tan gave us seniors vitamin A so as to not get sick easily. But on closer inspection, it looks similar to sweets... Hmm.

Then the arrival of cake!! from Swensens. XD

Then the ceremonial cutting of the cake. And the usual gorging on it.

Then group photos!  Photos go HERE (on facebook)

Some wishes from Ms Tay, Mrs Tan and Mr Chow =)

Though Ms Tay said that the members of the BioTech Fair
were always willing to stay back for the compeition,
and had once stayed till 8pm,
I might (maybe) have grumbled alot.
So sorry for that.

We have, I have, been in this club for 4 years now. Time sure does fly fast, doesn't it. Well, at least there wasn't (much) things that i have regreted doing in Life Science. It was fun, during my sec 3 and 4 years ^__^

So, i shall end off.

But not before .....

getting a last photo shoot with the rest of LSS members and teachers!

Goodbye LSS.
It was fun knowing you
though it might have started late.
Still, i have some wonderful memories of you,
 and hope you did too.



Thursday, April 15, 2010

What Thursday means to me

Thursday = Teamwork


Well, if you're a student in YI, then you'll sure know that Thursday is Chicken Day for some and FISH N CHIPS DAY for others.

It started in '09 i think, when the famous Chicken and Fish N Chips started being sold.

Fish And Chips!!!!

Yum xD

Last year, the queues were ok, since we did not share our recess with  other many classes.

But this year, we had. So usually, if one is let off from class late, one will have to endure the wait of about 15 minutes (almost half of our recess) and the possibility of the food being sold out.

And this is where teamwork comes in.

You ask your friend who's conveniently already in the queue to help you buy the food.
You ask your friend who is preparing to run to the canteen to buy a portion for you too.

[Which is just cutting queues. But anyway.]

Therefore, Thurday is not just an ordinary day. It is the day when the Chicken and Fish N Chips are sold  one is able to connect with one friend's and to improve one's friendship with others since it is making sure that one is talking to them!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Book Review: A Dangerous Love, by Brenda Joyce

Book Review: A Dangerous Love, by Brenda Joyce

A Dangerous Obsession
Torn from his Romany mother's arms as a small boy, Viscount Emilian St. Xavier has spent a lifetime ignoring the whispers of gypsy that follow him everywhere. A nobleman with wealth, power and privilege, he does not care what the gadjos think. But when the Romany come to Derbyshire with news of his mother's murder at the hands of a mob, his world implodes. And Ariella de Warrene is the perfect object for lust and revenge....

A Dangerous Passion
Ariella de Warenne's heritage assures her a place in proper society, though as a radical and independent thinker she scorns her peers' frivolous pursuits in the Ton, fashion and marriage. Until a Roma camp arrives at Rose Hill, and she finds herself drawn to their charismatic leader, Emilian. Even when he warns her away, threatening that he intends to seduce and destroy her, she cannot refuse him. For Ariella is just as determined to fight for their dangerous love…

May contain Contains spoilers!!! Read at your own risk!!
Rants included!

I can't believe this...

Emilian (the hero) keeps pushing Ariella (the heroine) away. He gave warnings to her that he won't give back her love. But Ariella, just having the reason that de Warennes fall in love hard and fast [eg: a once-in-a-lifetime love], keeps coming back to him. Even though he failed her time and time again. I don't know if she is stubborn or machoist. I can't believe how she can tolerate the treatment Emilian gave her [... though to be fair, Emilian did not lead her on]!

Okay, i realise that this is kinda bias BUT i have to continue.

I still can't understand why Ariella choose to be with him. He has baggage, i know, which is what many heros have. But still! How can she bear to let him leave her side to a place that she don't even know where he's going and for how long! And look at the way he treated her! Even when he left her, he still came back BUT just for a night in bed. And he expect that it won't change a thing. What a dumbass.


I really really really want to *hands forming the strangeling hold* AHHHhhhh!

And this is something that i read with great relish.

She might even be with her Prince Charming, but he intended to accept it and be glad for her. He only hoped that they could finally be friends.

He would settle for her friendship now.


It seems that without a loss of something or someone being hurt, love will become like the shrivelled leaves on a dead tree in the coming years. So i wonder if it is worth it, to love and be hurt along the way.

He would settle for her friendship now.

Stupid, stubborn man.

Damn it. This is the first time i had felt this strongly against a book.... And the last time, if i could help it!

So, no. I won't be giving any ratings for this.
Those who read this may get eye pains from the amount of dislike spilling from their eyes.

So approach only at your own risk!
History test got postponed to next week! Yay :)

Seems that people have been considering what to wear for prom night (which is around 7 more months?) already. Hehehe xD

Some considered rebonding, others considered a new hair styling.

:) I wonder.... what will i wear.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Don't you think..

Stephanie Meyer

looks like

Anne Hathaway?

Hey! Hathaway!!! XD It's the same name as my favorite series!

SYF Band Competition

Today, I and other Sec 3 and 4 people (volunteered) to go to SYF with the Sec1 and 2s. It's quite a fun experience for me :), cause it has been soooo long since i cheered (read: shouted) that loud ... or not. And taking many many many photos :D.

Though it might seem irritating, annoying or even pesky, please understand that i want to be certain that i have been there and done that. So don't be angry at me, cause i will continue, even if you criticise me.

So in sequence:

1) Gathered at school
We learnt some cheers for later (but seemed too little when comparing with the other schools cheers..)

2) Entrace to Indoor Stadium
Wow.. First time in there. O.O

3) Watching the other schools band performance.
Very interesting! Some other school bands had flags, choir, dance and even drama in it! Quite a unique experience. Plus i get to use Joh.'s camera ;D 
And so, after spending much time fiddling with Joh.'s camera, I have decided to get
myself as soon as possible.
It's so much fun!

4) Watching our own school's performance
XD Cheered and even went to the first row to take the video! :)
5) Award cermony
Looking at the drum major standing very stifly. Ehhh :)
Took a group photo (which i seemed to be the odd one out...) at the end. I wonder if Joh. would remember to send it to me....

6) Taking bus back to school
Let off time! Arrived at school at precisely 8.32pm.  :D

Might be posting the pictures on my Facebook account. I'm here so add me if you want

Hehe, overall it was a good experience. Really enjoyable. :D

Band people:
 It's ok. It's not the ending that's important. But the process. With the performance you people gave, it was cute, it was funny, it was scream-able. So look forward and just treat this as an opportunity to hear cheers from strangers.

It's alright.

I've met her again.
The one that I had searched for in the past week.
Finally i saw her,
here at the stadium.
And finally, i got her
and her hug.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Stayed back for Chinese Oral and to finish A Maths AQAD.

Rained heavily when i was about to go home. But luckily Jo. brought hers. If not, i'll probably still there in school staring at nothing.

Plenty of tests next week. So need to study hard.

Though i might seem insensitive at times while i'm taking your photos, please bear with me, cause i want to show i have been living and experiencing it in that time, in that instance.

Having said that, here are some random photos i took in this year:


Today, in the rain.

A kind classmate helping with my A maths Hw ^^


A scenary while i travelled on a bus to NangYang

Thursday, April 8, 2010

It has been decided.

I'm going to the Prom~!

A bit more expensive than the Universal Studio ticket but hopefully it'll be fun.

I have an idea:

What if, for the prom, i wear a tux? With my hair gelled back and a fake adam's apple, I wonder how i'm look.   

Hmm... Maybe it'll be great! Or maybe i'll look like a transexual. ....

:D Will look forward to see my decision.

Monday, April 5, 2010

English Speech

Today, i had to do an english speech right in front of my class. 36 + teacher pairs of eyes staring at me. And, I had to wait outside the room with my fellow speech presenters as they, one by one, disappear.

I could literally feel my heart beating, da-dump da-dump da-dump, so fast while i was talking aloud. >_<

I realised that my speech was not interesting at all but i still appreciate the applause the class gave me.

^__^ Thanks a lot, you people!

At least i wasn't the very last person to say each of our speech. Hehe.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Good day, everyone.

I am happy to announce 5 new additions to my book collections.

If you have seen the MPH advertisement, then you'll know that there's a MPH SALE at Expo Hall 6B, on 2 April to 4 April, from 9am to 9pm.

If you have not, kindly shout in frustration before hurrying down to the MRT to go to Expo.

You'll regret it if you don't go.

A pity that i didn't take photos of the event nor of my new books.

However, i'm glad that i went there.

You'll be too.

Would appreciate if you decided to tell or show me pictures of the books you got there.

How's this for formal speech