Sunday, April 25, 2010

Walking back in time

Went for a ran/jog/walk nearby my home.

Then came near my primary school. 4 years already. ... You know, i used to grumble about why i can't take bus to my house (since at that time I "innocently" believed that taking a bus seems cool ... How wrong i was.)

Anyway, the walls have been painted again. (Pfew... It's been 4 years. Of course it'll be re-painted!)

The area when the ice-cream stall man would come on every hot and humid day.

Walking back to my home.

When to the playground i had to cross to go back to my home after school.
^^ Overcame The Wall


that i couldn't when i was still in primary school

Evidence that i did!

Hehe, but i got some scraps at my elbow.

Total time spent: 20 min.

It had been 3 years since i last really walked the path that i did when i was a primary student. It was ... nice. :)


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