Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ok, so I haven't really updated my blog daily but I'll give you some updates now.

I am currently bunking in my other aunty's house for some days ( 2 or 3? ). Her family is very close, always laughing themselves out. I do feel a little envious.

I will be going back to Singapore on New Year's eve. Too soon, but late enough for my Mum's Birthday. Oops.

I definitely will miss staying with my relatives here, but sleeping till 10am every morning is one that I look forward to. Finally, I will get enough beauty sleep. :D

I am also hoping to get a job and volunteer when I go back home.

I will (probably) be more appreciative of my Dad. 

I will continue my guitar playing. 

I will start learning to cook.

Alright, that's about what I have in my mind now.

AdiĆ³s, my friend

Wednesday, December 22, 2010




Tong yuan, tong yuan, tongyuan, tongyuan tongyuantongyuan

Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm still here~

It's been exactly 1 week since I've said bye bye to Singapore!

How do I feel?
Great! Never been better. My skin is still smooth and not red ... much but  I do feel sleepy. Sleeping at 12 am every night and waking up for work at 6.30am surely will make a girl feel tired.

Coming here to KL, has made me realised that having many close relatives are a very good thing. Though they live far away, everytime I come here, it seems that we are closer every moment we meet.

 Seldom do I see them for such a continous time. It is indeed something to be treasured.  Because I know that for the next few years, I would not have the opportunity to live here for this long.

Yesterday I bunked in at my other aunty's house for 1 night.
When I was young, I was scared of my uncle, because he would always say in loud and abrupt sentences, and I deemed that he was scolding me. But now that I have become used to his way of speaking, I find that he's a funny, kind and lovely man. Time spent with him does make a difference.
Now, I can tell my child's mind that, Hey! He's not bad at all. :}

We also went to Empire, and took many photos there. Or should I say, I posed and she took them. I believe that if my friends saw me there, they would be very shocked. Shamelessly, I have posed in front of the decorations, where people could see me.

Was that embarassing?
Well, it was at first, but then the photo taking just morphed into something crazy and fun. Want to see the photos?

You have to wait then, cause I don't have the negatives now. Haha.

I have also gained a new jacket. It looked like an anime character would wear !! Cosplay!
I fell in love with the white version first. But then decided to take the black one.

LOVE IT ^__^

But it was quite expensive. . . and my aunty bought that for me.
I am thankful for that. A Christmas present!

But sometimes I have this thought that I am like a freeloader here. They provide lodging, pay for my food and my items. And they're not cheap. And I am doing nothing to repay them. Instead I am taking advantage of that. . . . I do feel guilty.

 I should refrain myself.


Another 2 weeks to go.
Another 2 weeks to enjoy myself.
Another 2 weeks to love my relatives more.
Another 2 weeks to 'cheat' my kind and generous relatives of their money.

Good night, good day,
Bye bye ^^

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

3rd Day

I have realised that between typing in items and running up and down to do stuff for my employer, I would prefer running up and down. It helps that the company is only 3 storeys high too.

This morning, I have seen a real, live, illegal bookie. He just suddenly, out of nowhere appeared while we were having breakfast and subtly took out his notebook and asked the numbers. Interesting. And after that, he disappeared as quick as a ninja. With a turn of my head, he was waayy back asking the shop owner for her numbers. Now that is what I call quick.

This is where it happened:

Also, I have noted that in Malaysia, there is no such thing as an illegal parking space. Cars park just outside the food stalls, even if there weren't any indications, even if the stalls are next to the expressways. They still stop there! Luckily, Malaysia has plenty of space for roads.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 2

It's the second day!

Woke up early in the morning, preparing to set off for my new job: an errand girl for my relatives' company. It felt something like an internship, where I get some experience and they give me a roof over my head ( one that is very fine) and food, three times a day. :D

stayed worked there from 9 to 6, experiencing what the working world would offer. It was alright, but there was limited human contact; it was within the same place where I worked offered my services and there were 3 constant people working there.

On our way to the place, I saw

It is a little ... worrying. Like a scrapyard for unwanted wooden materials.

But the scenery in front was very very cool.

This can't be seen in Singapore. :D

Some of my relatives weren't alerted that I would come alone and they were surprised to say the least. Haha! There are some more which I think haven't know it yet, so I'm hoping to shock them. ^^

Also, for the first time, I did Tai-Chi.

You know, the word Tai-Chi makes me think of people doing it in parks or gardens. But this was different. It was in a primary school, and in the evening somemore. It was a relatively cloudy night. Tonight was a half moon. Beside the moon, there was a shining and bright star. "They're like lovers," my aunty commented. Indeed they were. ^^

The thing that sets Malaysia apart from Singapore, for me, is the ability to see the stars and moon. Unlike Singapore (and this kills me to admit it), Malaysia does not have much high-rise buildings or tall tress. These would not block the view of the stars-interested person. I could count more than 7 stars in the sky! My eyes were shining very brightly when I counted them. I bet you could imagine them.

But back to Tai-Chi. The first set we did as a group was simple breathing and hand movements. I could keep up with that. And I thought, It's easy. Isn't there more challenging?

And I got my wish. The next was moving both the hands and legs. That was more difficult. I guess I looked as graceful as a dog dancing on two legs.

The third set required the use of a sword. An actual sword!! Wow.
I played with the sword, slid it in and out of the hilt, pretending that I was a samurai. Haha.

Then we ate supper and came back,
What a nice thing to end the day. :)

I really have to thank my parents for allowing me to come here, and my friends who didn't send any sms to me to invite me out. Because without them, I would not keep complaining that I'm bored, grating on my parents' nerves until they came up with this solution. So I guess, everything will end up good and happy.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 1 of KL Trip

Yes. I have gone to see my relatives and live there for 2/3 weeks alone. No family members are with me. I sense the taste of independent. :)

Drove down to KL with my cousin. Thankfully he came home, otherwise, I would still be stuck bored and waiting for my friends to contact me. :/

Saw the old jail -- it had a worn down gate and bore the name: 1895-- which my cousin said once held the worst criminals, while driving out. Too bad I didn't take a photo of it.
Now I am in my relatives' house, with one peeking out above my shoulder as I write this.  Very interesting right??


Part of our dinner, patiently prepared by Aunty. ^^

Saturday, December 11, 2010

How's the outfit?

Hehe, it was actually for my Mom, but she altered it a little at the back ( too loose!)

Nice eh?

Kinda like it. Though the layer was very thin.

And you couldn't believe what I saw that day.


My Goodness, there were so many!! Makes me want to cosplay myself, even if Mom feels the need to point out it is acting cute. I don't think so. I think it is just a way to be another character in another dimension. It is totally cool.

Want more?

Here they will be!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My brother has a layer of dust in his room. On his objects, along his shelf and on his books. It has been accumulated for months.

All you have to do is to just slide your finger on any area, and -- poof! -- there's grime and dirt on your finger. *Shivers* Urgh.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

3rd day into guitar lessons

And I still cannot believe that I have a guitar!

She is a very lovely, polished classical guitar that my Mum bought for me.

Initially, I want to use my own savings to buy, but then I thought that that savings come from Mum and so ... is there any difference in using her money or my savings to pay? Because essentially, it all comes from her. But I suppose the feeling is different bah.

The first time I carried the guitar, holding onto the guitar case, is somewhat exciting. I mean, I am one of the people who has a guitar. And carrying it around makes me feel like I'm the IT people. You know, the people who are cool because they know how to play the guitar. Of course, I haven't even started yet, but those strangers don't know that correct? :D

The sense of people admiring me (perhaps) is strong enough for me to carry her everywhere I go. Haha! God knows how much I admire those people who are able to play a musical instrument. And now I'm one of them. With the help of her, of course.

I am certainly feeling very happy.

I am also glad that I had chosen a classical guitar as opposed to an acoustic. Classicals are so much easier to play; there is not much pain on my fingertips when I press onto the nylon strings. While the acoustics have steel strings and just pressing onto them for 10s will cause my fingertips to hurt. I can practice on her for up to an hour and my fingertips won't hurt (not as much when playing the acoustic, anyway) :D

So take it from a complete beginner. Getting a classical guitar is better over an acoustic one because there will not be much pain involved.

I wanted to get into the lessons in the Community Centres but the registrations are (mostly) closed! All have begun in late Oct or early Nov. Why aren't there any ones that teach in Dec? Now I have to wait until next year >_< Sucks.

Lucky, there are many free online lessons. There's one in About.com ,  but I still prefer a teacher's touch. Nothing can beat a real teacher who can check my mistakes and correct them.

Ok, she is calling me. Gotta concentrate.

See you~
You've gotta be kidding me.

There's a Twilgiht Barbie! and Ken too!


I wonder who will buy these.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale

Barbie was on a shoot in Hollywood for her upcoming movie "The Princess and the Pea", when the director fires her for expressing her opinion. As she is packing to leave the studio, Ken calls her on the phone and substancially dumps her. She decides to go and live at her Aunt Millicent's fashion house in Paris, France. While she is on the plane, Ken is rehearsing with his friend. He discovers that she has recorded his voice and played it on his phone to make it seem as if he dumped Barbie. As soon as he realizes, he calls Barbie's friends. They tell him to make her believe it and make it up to her he has to preform a 'grand romantic jesture'. So Ken decides to fly on a plane to Paris and surprise her. So he books a plane and gets ready to fly to Paris.

What I love about this movie is that this is very different from the others. In this movie, Barbie acts as .....   


 Not any other character, but just Barbie. It, itself, is just shocking. I would say, judging from this movie, that the producers are trying on a different tactic on selling Barbie to the world, that she is no longer just a usual fairytale character but more of a real life one.

In A Fashion Fairytale, Barbie is an actress, who's currently acting in a movie but had been fired because of her opinion about something. Obstacles are in her way and she has to overcome them. Like knowing Ken had supposedly broke up with her.

Ken!! I reckon this is the first time I had seen the name Ken mentioned in all of the other Barbie movies. He is such an amusing guy! When the plane was stuck, he doggedly made other arrangements to surprise Barbie in Paris. When his pants split, showing his (red hearts) underwear to the world, he still muttered: "It's all for Barbie. It's all for Barbie."

How funny is that?!

It's a really nice movie, showing both views of the characters, Barbie and Ken. And, as usual, there is a moral to the story, which is:
Whatever happens, even when people badmouth you, or write nasty comments about you, you must still believe in yourself, in your own special ability.

However, even though the starting was something like the real life, the 3 cute fairies flaries were not. But you cannot except that Barbie movies are not magical in their own sense!

Also, the ending was ... really like a princess ending. The producers seem to move away from the fairytales plot at the beginning but they persist in having a princess ending. Die die must have one. And the result is Barbie and Ken having a kiss (yes, they've made up), with a castle at the background. It really feels like that scene is an extra. It doesn't really link to the story!!

But A Fashion Fairytale is refreshing, to say the least. A quite interesting and unique movie, unlike the others. I would give this 3.5 out of 5.

*PS: No pictures in this review because I can't find any. >_>

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The End of Prom

So the days of searching what to wear for Prom has come to this: the end of it.

How do I feel?
A little disorientated, since I have to find something else to look forward to. But I guess that could be easily remedied.

Was it fun?
It was ok. There were a lot of cheering and shouting coming from me, though :D. Especially doing the games section.

Who wore what?
There were so many wonderfully dressed people out there! The girls styled their hair, wore makeup (even the ones I didn't expect them to) and wore high heels. Beautiful~. The guys mainly wore vests, long sleeved shirts and pants. Handsome~.

The Start:

What I wore for it.

Black, black and more black.

It's actually layered. The shirt and leggings/stockings I will wear first, then over comes the dress. And I had just realised at that time that the dress was very very short -.- I was very scared the dress will just slide up and show off my "thin" thighs . Haha.

The final result:

I will not ask for compliment, I will not ask for compliment, I will not ask for compliment.

The Journey to the Hotel:

Thanks for my parents who brought me there!

And also for picking Angeline.

We were the first few to arrive. Saw the guys decked out in vest and pants. Very Suai. :D

And then the others came flowing in.

We registered our names and in we went inside the ballroom/function room :)

Busy taking photos with my dressed up friends :D

And there were performances by our teachers! Mr Lee, Ms Chia and Ms Ng.

I could hear many shouts and cheers coming from our table when our class mates where chosen for the games. The loudest for me, i think, is definitely when Syafiq posed. :D That will forever be engraved in my memory. He was so cool! I should have taken a video of that catwalk.

It had been a wonderful and magical night. To see all my friends -- well most of them-- all decked in their prettiest and handsome-est outfits, taking photos and chatting about... It was (at the risk of looking like a person who has limited vocabulary...)  fun ^^

There ae many other photos I have taken, which I am too lazy to post. So go onto Facebook  for them :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

4E2 Class BBQ!

It wasw held at Downtown East, the area where I had not been to for quite some time. Too bad some of the class could not attend >_<.

Anyway, it was a fun day night. ^_^ And, unlike last year, we had received our graduation disk. Yay!

Anyway, here are the photos.

Let them do the talking.

The BBQ guys. :D



A class photo
(the ones who came at the earlier part, anyway)

An exciting and loud game of Taboo.

A sing-along session.

What fun it had been :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Finished Prom shopping!

Went to the usual hot spots for teenagers: Orchard Road, Ion, 313 Somerset and others.

Day 1:

I went with Joey, whom was acting as my image consultant.  Tried on clothing (which I had secretly taken of :p),


And I've got the chance to see Joey in high heels! :D

She was taller than me by a few cm! Cool eh.

Day 2:

Went to Far East Plaza with my Mum. It's very much like Bugis Street, but it is air conditioned and there's more space between each shop. They're cheaper there too. Which is where I bought my outfit for Prom :D

Nice figure. Haha.

If you have it, you might as well flaunt it.

During my exams period, I was fantasising about what I would wear, about what my friends would wear and about the fun in shopping for my Prom.

In the actual act of searching for my outfit, I was hungry (but that was solved when we went to the food court) and my feet was tired, aching from wearing the ladies shoe. Finding and trying on clothing is slightly unnerving, especially when the salesperson is standing just in front of me, pushing all the brand's clothes at me.

But I have finally bought my outfit. :D After much waking up and down Far East Plaza.

I say, Far East Plaza and Bugis Street should be the main areas where someone my age should go. There are many different styles down there; there is the kawaii type, the layered type, the jagged type and the sophisticated type, to name a few. I'm definitely going there again to shop for new, casual clothes.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Not so bored now

I've been booked (yes!) for 2 days, yesterday and today. Hehe.

Bought some yarn for my crocheting. Got a beautiful purple. Love it. ^^

Wish you could see it too.


And you can!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A picture of the guitar

I won't say my guitar because it's not.

It was taken given by my cousin. I wonder if he still wants it...

The picture of the guitar, as requested by Chibi ^^

And a closer look at the brand?

I've completed yet another item!


A headband, modified from HERE

My creation~

The top views

The side view  (Sorry about the messy hair ;] )

It looks very cute, but would I dare to wear it outside? Hmm... perhaps I will. Otherwise when I am 50 years old, I'll look back and regret that I didn't try that on at least once in my life.

Now, I just have to find the right time and the right outfit to wear it. If you know me, I am an absolute kluzy at Mix-and-Match.  Perhaps I'll ask Joey for help.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


When I read an article about 'Cost of school formals soaring as teenagers glam-up' , and saw this:

A survey of nearly 2,000 Australian students aged between 15 and 18 found that on average girls were spending $1,330 each on the big night while boys were spending an average of $840.

I was very shocked.

$1,330!!! That's a lot of money! I could use it to treat my eczema! It's not that I disagree with them spending money on prom (I'm doing that too) but to spend more than $1000 for a teenager is slighty ... Their parents must be rich enough.

Of course if you look at me, I would be a good example of the pot calling the kettle back. The medical fees, the lotions, the creams! all must have amounted to more than what these teenagers' parents have paid. More than that.

2nd day into the first week after 'O's

I'm bored.

I want to go out, go shopping. Not staying at home watch tv, go online or crochet.

I want to move about, go to Orchard with my friends, watch RED.

I want a change of scenery.

During O levels, I have fantisied about the end, that I could FINALLY! have a date with my friends.

But no one (except him) has contacted me.


I'm still a friend, but not a close one it seems.



Monday, November 15, 2010

An amigurumi Pear

On 15 November 2010, Monday, I finally finished this .

It took me the morning and afternoon to finish this cutey pear :D

The pattern to make this adorable pear is HERE . The instructions are easy to follow, even a beginner like me can deciper the hidden meaning behind it :)

It's so cute! xD

But of course, with someone having my skill there's bound to be some mistakes. And there are.

The pencil shaded areas on my pear, which I had wanted to indicate where to sew the eyes but just couldn't decide. So I shaded a few more areas ... and found that I couldn't erase them off. >_<
Unwilling to do another pear -- my eyes hurt -- I tweaked the colour a little, shaded a few more areas to make the pear look a little rugged.

It looks dirty ... oh well. One must make mistakes to improve oneself. 

Having learnt this lesson, I would advise you to

Not use any pens or pencils on the amigurumi!

Hehe, got another addition to my stuffed friends :}

1st Week

Ok. It's the first week after Os. What am I down with?

1) Pondering what to wear for Prom Night.
2) Thinking of things to get/make for my wonderful friends and teachers.
3) Persuading my parents to allow me to get a job.
4) Volunteer my services.
5) Finding new clothes!


I am quite excited to shop for new clothes (OF MY CHOICE) but I need friends to accompany me and money. Anyone want to follow me? :}

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cleaning time

It's the post O levels and time to clear my tables!!

Spent about a day to do it.

I turned it from this

to this

Cool eh. Now my parents won't be eating on the smaller black table just to allow my books to have a place in the living room.
But wait! What's this hidden in a room?

But don't worry.

It was all cleared up. Now's it's neat and tidy ^^