Sunday, November 21, 2010

Finished Prom shopping!

Went to the usual hot spots for teenagers: Orchard Road, Ion, 313 Somerset and others.

Day 1:

I went with Joey, whom was acting as my image consultant.  Tried on clothing (which I had secretly taken of :p),


And I've got the chance to see Joey in high heels! :D

She was taller than me by a few cm! Cool eh.

Day 2:

Went to Far East Plaza with my Mum. It's very much like Bugis Street, but it is air conditioned and there's more space between each shop. They're cheaper there too. Which is where I bought my outfit for Prom :D

Nice figure. Haha.

If you have it, you might as well flaunt it.

During my exams period, I was fantasising about what I would wear, about what my friends would wear and about the fun in shopping for my Prom.

In the actual act of searching for my outfit, I was hungry (but that was solved when we went to the food court) and my feet was tired, aching from wearing the ladies shoe. Finding and trying on clothing is slightly unnerving, especially when the salesperson is standing just in front of me, pushing all the brand's clothes at me.

But I have finally bought my outfit. :D After much waking up and down Far East Plaza.

I say, Far East Plaza and Bugis Street should be the main areas where someone my age should go. There are many different styles down there; there is the kawaii type, the layered type, the jagged type and the sophisticated type, to name a few. I'm definitely going there again to shop for new, casual clothes.

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