Thursday, September 30, 2010

My feelings as O Levels come

Good day, fellow Netizens.

In case you haven't notice, I've changed my blog skin. How do you like it? I very much prefer this than the previous one. I was sick of the white background.

Finally some updates about my life:

O levels loom.

3 more weeks of studying, studying and studying. Looking at my calender, I'm frightened because I do not think I am prepared for it. There are still so many chapters I haven't yet studied!! (Then why am I still on the Internet?!!)

But after 5 more weeks, Heaven will beckon. Because it's

Prom night


I know I shouldn't focus on that but I just can't help imagining what my classmates and friends will wear to it. Oh, I'm so excited just thinking about it! I can't wait to go shopping for my dress; I can't wait to go searching for my shoes; I can't wait to see Joey most of all! (Cause she's gonna be my style consultant for Prom :) I just have the worst colour & outfit coordination. Therefore, Joey will be my lifesaver.)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

17 September 2010

I would like to say

Thank you

 to all you people out there who made my day today :)

Thanks to my family members, my friends, classmates and every one else.

You have made me feel really special today, with my FaceBook page full of birthday wishes. I say, I am much more popular this year than all the years combined before. Feels quite satisfying actually.

I'm 16 now.  
I hope that I'll become much more mature in my thinking and somewhat more daring and childlike in other

I'm 16 now.  
And i wish these good times will last forever.

I'm 16 now.  
And I hope this will be my last year in YI.

I'm 16 now.  
And I want to pass O with flying colours.

I'm 16 now.  
And I want to continue to have a tight knit of close friends.

I'm 16 now.  
And I want my eczema to improve when i reach 17.

I'm 16 now.  

And this is where I am at.


I Love My Family.
16 Year Old,
16 Roses.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm obsessed.

Indeed, the time spent on the Internet was all used to search the words "Unrefined Shea Butter" and there were many websites. An example is . I thought their butters were cheap. Only US$5 but the shipping cost was just too high! About 19 dollars!
Why can't i find a cheap and good Shea butter...

If you don't know the benefits of Shea Butter, here you go:  Website 1, Website 2, or you could just go online and search yourself.

And the real reason why I'm so obsessed with it right now is because

For eczema, Shea Butter is one of the best solutions available.

Therefore, i must try it. I really really hope that my eczema will reduce and --poof-- be gone the next day!

And then i got sidetracked by the other health websites and articles. For example: Care2, Health Mad,, Greenopolis . I have now realised that there are plenty of health care related websites!

I really want to get it...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's a week of HOLIDAY~

But unfortunately, i have to study. I have to spend my glorious week of holiday on studying. Damn... I hope this will be worth it when i get back my results.

But anyway, i saw some amusing things today:


The Terminator!!


Posing for the camera.  Hehe

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Teacher's Day Celebration (Part 2)

Then after the whole celebration, we were able to go back home. I went to my Primary School to see my ex-Form Teacher which i haven't seen in 3 years. I didn't expect so many secondary school students to be going back to LianHua.

We were all waiting outside of the school. Just like fans wanting to ctach a glimspe of their idols

And i saw my ex-classmates. Some changed. Some didn't.


One did. And i was so shocked when i saw him.


And I saw Ms Yong!! :D


I walked around the school  (no one stopped me!) and chanced upon a poster that had been take 5/6 years ago. So nostalgic!!



My CCA members!!  From the right, Jun Kai, Salman, Kaison and another guy.


Raymond.  I heard he got accepted to Singapore Sports School.


Hai Song. I remembered his handwriting had a cursive 'y' .


From the left:  Chole, Ming Jie, Andy, Johnson and another person.

OMG, i can still recall their names! :D How cool!

Perhaps this will be my last visit to LianHua.