Saturday, September 18, 2010

17 September 2010

I would like to say

Thank you

 to all you people out there who made my day today :)

Thanks to my family members, my friends, classmates and every one else.

You have made me feel really special today, with my FaceBook page full of birthday wishes. I say, I am much more popular this year than all the years combined before. Feels quite satisfying actually.

I'm 16 now.  
I hope that I'll become much more mature in my thinking and somewhat more daring and childlike in other

I'm 16 now.  
And i wish these good times will last forever.

I'm 16 now.  
And I hope this will be my last year in YI.

I'm 16 now.  
And I want to pass O with flying colours.

I'm 16 now.  
And I want to continue to have a tight knit of close friends.

I'm 16 now.  
And I want my eczema to improve when i reach 17.

I'm 16 now.  

And this is where I am at.


I Love My Family.
16 Year Old,
16 Roses.

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