Monday, May 2, 2011


SYF happened on 27 April 2011, Wednesday.

It was time for Guitar Club to show our abilities!

But first, let's meet up at JP for breakfast. 
Musn't perform on an empty stomach ^^


 On our way to RP,
Beautiful day, isn't it.

Then, at 1.30pm, we went backstage inside the theater. We were to be the first group to be performing after lunch break. Waaahh, so nervous. We went in and waited behind the stage for the audience to enter. Queued up as how we would be seated.

So quiet! Everyone was hushing one another. Shhhhh, shh! Then the stage guy stood near the entrance to the gate, holding onto a walkie-talkie, glancing out of the door to see whether the audience had arrived. We just stood there, holding our guitars and footstools. I didn't know how long it took before we went on the stage. Standing there, anticipating that we would finally perform, after 3 months of practicing. Wow.

Everything that we have practiced for is for this reason only. To perform in SYF.

It was now. The stage guy nodded. We went in. Off our bass person went. Then the first row. The second row. And it was my row. It was real, we are really gonna do it, I though to myself.

We bowed to the audience. Sat down onto the chairs. Lifted our guitars .... and performed.

And it was over. We walked out of the stage, out of the theatre and started chatting and sighing in relief. It was done. Let's just hope for the best, that's what I'm sure everyone thought.

After that hurdle was completed, it was time to .... CAM WHORE! What better time to spend our time waiting for the results to be released at 5.30?

A photo with the tall guy.  He's 1.85m! Can you believe it!

And for some pool :)

Singing along the pathway in RP. Haha! That was fun.

But we were so engrossed in singing that we were (slightly) late for the release of results. Haha. Rushed to the same theatre were we had performed.

The panels of judges were sitting in front of the stage and in front of the audience, about 40 schools and had around 150 people. Most were their for the guitar SYF while 3 of the schools were there for the Harp compeition. Yes, HARPS. That was so freaking cool! And unbelievably dreamy. Just looking at the harps made me imagine that the harpists were elfs and they've come to play a wonderful song. Haha! In hindsight, I should have seen their performance. Ah shuacks.

 "Where in the world can you find a CCA like this elsewhere?" one of the judges spoke. The 5 of them were all muscially acclaimed foreigners. There was one from Britain, UK, Austrialia and even Germany. They first remarked on how the style was overall. There was a need to make each repeated verse distinctly different, ie. having different speeds, the sounds and others. The way they spoke, in the muscial terms, which the common layman like myself could not understand a word, was so ... unreal.

How many times have I heard someone talk something this similar to me? NONE. But for me to hear it, it has made certain the fact that I have  we have done it. We had performed and it was only at that very moment that it hit me.

One by one, the judges spoke. And it was time for what we have been waiting for, the release of the results.
From the secondary schools and to the JCs. It was nearing our number. ..."Jurong Junior College. . . BRONZE." And I cheered.

It was a victory. Though we got a Bronze, which many would say that we didn't do so well, one has to look at the other schools to gauge how truly well we did. Hwa Chong, ACS and other top schools got Silver. I believe only 1 school got Gold. See! They got Silver! So, we did do quite well for a club that started practicing for only 3 months.

We did good.

I am proud of my club and of the members.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today is the day.

Woke up at 7.30am. Only got 7 hours of sleep. It should be enough for me, hopefully. What if I was feeling sleepy while in the performance and dazed off? Definitely gonna die. Can't be distracted now. ><

I'll be bring along my Wonderful Cammy and will post these photos up soon. I want a JJ Guitar Group photo!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tomorrow, the Day

JJ will be having our SYF tomorrow, 27 April,
 at Republic Poly at 1.30pm in the theatre located on the outskirts of the ground, near the canteen.

Come and support us! Give us eye power encouragement!

Rock On Dudes and Duduttes!

Gosh. All our hardwork is all for tomorrow. For the prizes of SYF. I really hope we would get a good prize, enough to honor JJ. Weeks of practice, all converging for tomorrow. Getting butterflies just typing these words. Haha.

I haven't seen the other school's performances. I heard they're quite good. But we are better. Yeah right. Still, we must not waste all the practice that we have. We mustn't.

And after the SYF, J2s have to step down. It is very fast. I am sad that they have to step down. There isn't enough time for me to interact with Guitar's members! My J2 friends. . :( I will see them even less. And laughing at all the antics that they have done. I don't really anticipate them retiring from Guitar. :(

From our rehersals for our Civis performance

to our last and final rehersal yesterday

It has passed too fast.
But I believe we can achieve.

All the best Guitar Club!

Friday, April 22, 2011

I like this

If it was shown here, I would want to watch it. To see how a day is like in every other people on Earth. See their traditions and relive their memories. That would be something amazing. ^^

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hey everyone,

It's Friday~!! Tomorrow

Haha! Even Guitar Club got infected by the Friday song.

Seriously though, can you believe the girl's 13? She looks like 18 or something! There is something about America that matures/ages its teens faster than the rest. .

Good Friday's up next and What a lovely holiday I'll be having. ^^ Sleep in, meet friends ... and study. Got to study hard. I am so behind everyone. :(

*Sigh* We've got a new timetable. Crossed my fingers that it would be better. Didn't work. Our class ends latest at 6 and earliest at 5. WTH. This is bullshit.

Let me rant:
For whatever reason, is our timetable really better than other schools? Just by comparing with other classes, they're so much better. Currently, the earliest is 3pm. Thank god we shifted up one lesson 1 hour ealier. Latest is 5.30. Truly, couldn't we have Friday free? No. We got to have SPA after the prayers. And going home around 5. CCA day doesn't count cause I have Guitar. And that's enough to make me happy. Now, with the new timetable, . . . ending even later, released even later. Sian. . . So many tutorials, lectures on that day. How to survive?



Saturday, April 16, 2011

Taking a bus

  •  Get to go home with my friends
  • Able to meet my old classmate
  • Able to talk to my friend
  • Has a lesser carbon footprint than taking a car
  • Cheaper than the petrol prices

  1. Have to wake up easily
  2. Less beauty sleep

So unless I wish to sacrifice my sleep to meet my friends, car's still the best way to go. A good choice, since I've become very quiet if my brain does not receive enough sleep >_>

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So many things has happened in this and the previous weeks.

For once, the Guitar Club has gone to RP's theater to practise our SYF songs. ^__^ The backstage was SO big! And tall! Like the ones in Moulin Rouge. I wonder how theater actresses and actors manage in this beautiful setting. Wow.

SYF is only 3 weeks away.

Much more could be improved on.
 I really hope all our efforts will not go to waste.

I want JJ to be proud of its very own Guitar Club.

With the release of our Project Work Question, everyone is hurriedly writing our drafts for that. Being marked, checked and marked again. My friends got As for PW. I want that for myself too.

Celebration of his 21st BD!!

Took some hilarious photos. xD We were somewhat cam-whoring. Lol.

And we went to Universal Studio for my 'interview' for a volunteering position. I thought I was going to be interviewed. So nervous!!
Then I found out that it was just a info session. . . >_> What the hell.

Last BUT not least:

Guitar Club's Performance on Stage!

Before the performance:


It was the second time I was performing on stage.
Not as nervous as I thought I would be. Probably cause I was in the last row. Haha!
 Cool ^^

And the week's not over yet!

Mada mada dane.

Wait and see, there's still more posts to come~!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Updates, hey!

Sorry for not updating!! JC life is terribly busy. Especially with my time table. Today's actually the first time since having my timetable that I'm coming home early, around 2.30pm! since there was no CCA ( :{ ) for this week. Usually, classes end around 4/5pm. Sad.

Those still in secondary, please, appreciate your dismissal. Cause when you come here, to JC, if your timetable is bad, then say goodbye to sleeping in very early.

Now, more about my life. I'm currently in


which I love to tell my friends, Facebook and even Twitter. Haha! I love my CCA!!! ^_______^ Can't beat and will never beat my primary and secondary schools ones.

Also, I'm currently trying to read the music scores. The simple ones of course. And maybe, just maybe, me and my friends can consolidate everything, and play an Anime Song!

Haha! There's one website that my friend introduced to me: which has piano scores there. So he's helping to make it so that the notes can be played on the guitar.

Yes, there are websites that already have the chords for it BUT (which leads me to the next point) WE are planning to play in a group.


A band, you say?

I hope so!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sg ComiFest 2011!

I should have posted this last weekend when the event had ended but with no photos, this post wouldn't be interesting. And so I begin:

It was the first day of my volunteering life. I signed up for this alone, meaning the people who would be at the ComiFest were strangers to me.

We first met up for a pre-briefing at TCZ Studio and became bouncers for the event.

Cool eh :D

I'm just guessing but TCZ should mean The Celestial Zone. And I am probably right, cause there were posters of the characters from that manga in the studio. It had been nerve-wreaking for me, cause they all arrived in their groups and it was intimidating. Then I chatted with Cassandra and we hit off. ^_^ And later Isabel and Chin Rui ( I can remember the hanyu pinyin but don't know why I just can't pronounce his name! Haha)

5th March was the start.

It was in Suntec City. For those who had missed out, too bad! You should have seen the crowd in the afternoon. So many cosplayers!

I expected ComiFest to be in the Convention Hall. I mean, that's where they all went, right? The anime fest and others. But noooooo, it was on the 3rd floor of the open space.

I was shocked.

What's more, there was also a wedding exbition held TOGETHER with the ComiFest. I was like WTH?! That's too weird! What does manga and cosplay have to do with weddings?

Anyway, we arrived at 10am, and got ready.

And it began.

The Artist Showcase happened,

With Ms Yeo rolling the ball.
All the artists have to finish their artwork within 30 minutes.

End product:

And there's a little Pura there. Can you spot her? ^_^

Next was

And the third artwork's

Handsome (^~^)

And the cosplayers (it is not a ComiFest if there are no cosplayers)


Her kimono was such that one of her shoulders could be seen. I wanted to take that but ....
Kimonos are beautiful! I want to cosplay in them ~

Allen Walker!
Can you guess the episode where this happens?

Hint: He held a deck of cards.  :}

The SWAT Team

It was an eye opening experience. I had gotten to know more people and that's what I would take back. It had been a nice feeling, chatting and laughing with soon-to-be-friends. Perhaps that's why people volunteer. . .
I would want to volunteer again. :)

Plus, I got to meet the highlight of this event:


OMG, It's real hair!!! Haha

And our interpretation of Pura, the Neko mascot for this event ^__^


And another volunteer's sketch.  *Covers mouth*

IT WAS A PLEASANT DAY AND NIGHT ^___________________________________^

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Something Shiok

I was at Suntec City, at the 3rd floor. I gathered up my courage and asked the salesman something that I've wanted to do for a long time.

I asked him, "Could I try on these outfits?"

And he said, "Yes, of course."

I was so fricking excited! Here was something that I've only hoped of wearing. He picked out the outfir that I had pointed at, took the uniform off the model's chest and gave it to me.Yes, I was in Otaku House. And I tried on

If you don't know this uniform, you should be ashamed. It's from Vampire Knights. Cool uniform, eh?

I like it. ^__^

But the cost was too much. $139 for the whole set? Mum said Malaysia would be cheaper. And she'd pinky-promised me. So I shall trust her again. But one can't help but doubt if she'll still remember that promise or that the cosplay outfits would be cheaper there like what she thought.

Still, to have finally actually tried cosplay is something that've made me very happy. :D

Friday, February 25, 2011

I've been searching on a video on how to play the backup guitar for Pirates of the Caribbean and I chanced upon

No wonder this video garnered more than 14 million views.

And yay! I've finally found what I wanted.

I want to play this!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Celebrating a friend's birthday

I would say he was sweating and frantic all the way while he played this game. *laughs* Because otherwise, if he could not complete the puzzle in 15 minutes, he had to do ........................


I could hear him going about, pointing fingers and asking if they have a colour from the puzzle.

And then some of the guys just purposely tricked him, making Sam waste his precious time. He was screaming "F--- you!" in a very shrill and desperately voice. Haha. xD So cute!

And the time was up. Soooo, he had to do it. He had to do it.

He had to do, The Sexy Dance.

But because he told me not to use the camera or the video, I followed. So too bad for you. You can't see the poses made by him. Haha. He was quite sporty though. Perfectly executed poses. xD

So glad he had invited me to his birthday chalet. I was able to use their bicycle and cycle the pathway! What fun it had been ^__^

(Photos will be posted later)

But the ride was just fun and sweaty. Cause of of us had to relearn how to cycle again and he kept going off the pathway and into the bushes! So cute! Also nearly had some crashes but no one got (seriously) hurt. He improved too. Took an hour and a half to complete cycling in one direction and only 10 minuted back to the chalet. Fast!

It was a great day. And i had an enjoyable time spent there. ^_^

Thanks for inviting me Sam!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Review: Unscented Shea from Shea Radiance

We went out shopping and I had gotten a new moisturiser for my skin.

I got it at One Wellness
30 Robinson Road #13-01
Robinson Towers

 which was a 3-minute-walk from Raffles Place MRT.

It was a fitness club, but they also sold some body care products like body butter, essential oils etc. However, the body butter that they had only consisted of two types, one from the above company and the other from another company. A pitiful amount. But both were 100 % unrefined shea butter.

I've been looking for something like this because I read from the Net that Shea butter could help eczema. And what's better than 100% pure, unrefined shea butter? Yet I still know that this is not actually The One. Because the shea butter I was on the lookout for was East African Shea Butter (Vitellaria Nilotica) , but what I had received was West African.

I can't complain though, can I?

I've been using this for two days now. It's quite greasy the moment I apply onto my body but the feeling will disappear soon because my body will absorb it like a desert taking in precious water. The areas where I used this is not red so I'm hoping this will work.

But to take the butter out from the container is a little difficult. I had to dig my fingernails into it and press it so that the butter will come out. Unlike other body butters, this is hard. Not soft and smooth that once I dip my fingers into it, out comes the moisturiser. Nope, I have to scratch it out. That is the most noticable difference from what other body butters that I've used.

And, seeing that I am a supporter of everything green and sustainable, I only have good things to say about the packaging.

10% of the proceeds goes to the Agricultural Initiative for Women in Africa (Agriwa)

Need I say more?

Friday, February 11, 2011

I want an Iphone.

I want


To tell you the truth, I actually didn't want to get one, even with my brother nagging me to get that. You have enough money what..This and that. I didn't see the need to get one. I mean sure, using the Internet from the Iphone makes things easier but do I really need that?

 I'm still a student. I'm not a working adult. And so, I rejected what my brother said.

But when I went to visit my relatives and saw that one of them had an Iphone 3 and I asked her about the wonders of that (which in hindsight I shouldn't have),I fell in love with it.

She told me that
  1. Going to the Internet would be fast and easy for Iphone 4
  2. I can download games/apps to put inside my (would-be) Iphone
  3. It is convenient.
  4. I can go online everywhere and anywhere as long as I get a data plan.
And last but not least, I found that Iphone 4 can also act as a


And that's precisely why I did a 180 degrees in my attitude towards Iphone.

I want that E-reader.

I want it.

But of course, what I want isn't what I need. And that doesn't mean that I/my parents can afford that for me, seeing that the data plan costs $40 per month. Which would be $480 per year.

 Do I earn any money? No.

Do I need it for my studies? No.

Can they afford? Yes, but no.

And ... after sulking for a few minutes, I see their point. Perhaps I'll wait until next year till I bug them to buy one for me. Perhaps then I could get one of these babies

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Xin Nian Kuai Le

Wan Shi Ru Yi

Xin Xiang Shi Cheng

Qing Chun Mei Li

Shi Ye Cheng Gong

Gong Xi Gong Xi!!

It's another new year -- the year of the Rabbit, to be precise

-- and that means . . .

More Ang Paos!! Yeah! I wonder how much I've received. ^__^

Chinese New Year is definitely the time to go visit my relatives, my favorite ones. They're always so hyper and incredibly fun to be with, all of them chatting and joking about. Even though most of the time I can't understand what they're talking about, just seeing their expressions are more than enough to make me laugh along. I bet you couldn't find a more heart warming family anywhere.

And since we'd all gathered there, we started our


It's almost a tradition for that to happen every year. Haha. That's the time when all the cards come out and the majong table is put to used. Some lost, some won. I didn't lose too much. Only 5 for the two nights of playing. And we had laughed ourselves silly while playing. :)

Too bad that had to end though. ... But there's still next year!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

JJ Odyssey Orientation 2011


Nothing could beat the JJ Night, where we partiiieeeeed! Jumping up and down, moving to the beat of the music and singing so loudly with the Emcees!! Wooooooohoo~

The next best is the Haunted Cave. Hehe, I heard some girls screaming! They were so shocked when the ghosts appeared. Even the ones that said they weren't afraid screamed. HAH!  I didn't. And I was the first pair, together with my partner. Proud of myse-elf. :D

I met many people during this camp and I've got to know would-be friends. All thanks to this OG. We exchanged phone numbers and added each other on facebook. Hehe. I also saw many of my primary school friends there. I wonder if they still remember me . . . Probably not.

But still, I had plenty of fun here at this JC. It shows that JJ is not a bad choice after all. Hahaha, I think I'm falling in love with this school. With my school. :)

 Not forgetting to thank the wonderful OGLs which had made this camp so wonderful. Without them, I think this exhilarating feeling that I've felt in these 3 days would not even exist, the feelings that I thought would only happen in mangas.

Thank You So So Much!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I've been given 2 new bags, one pair of shoes and a belt!

Finally I have gotten the bags of MY CHOICE! I am super duper happy~!


And, we went to Ikea. Wonderful, nostalgic Ikea. So what if we didn't buy much. I got to eat the symbolic Hot-Dog. :D It would be a pity if the hot-dog store was shut down. All the memories of eating the pipping hot hot-dog with the sauces ... *dreamy sigh* Nothing could beat that.

Next up, Camp!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Review: Ruthless by Anne Stuart

Few outsiders will ever witness the dark misdeeds of the Heavenly Host. And among this secret society, where exiled Georgian aristocrats gather to indulge their carnal desires, fewer still can match the insatiable appetitie of their chief provocateur, the mysterious Viscount Rohan.

Pursuit of physical pleasure is both his preferred pastime and his most pressing urge, until he encounters the fascination of a woman who won't be swayed. And while his dark seduction appalls the pure and impoverished Elinor Harriman, she finds herself intrigued...and secretly drawn to the man behind the desire.

It is actually good! I mean I've only read Stuart's Ice series which I love but I didn't think she could write a historical romance. Guess I was wrong :)

The hero is one of a kind. He is a very cynical man and then he meets Elinor. With her determination to not fall at his knees and the arguements she has with him everytime they meet, determined not to receive his charity, it almost feels like there is some passion underneath all that unwillingness that Elinor have of Francis, which is so sweet! I love reading the interaction they have together :)

Plus there's also a side romance between Elinor's sister, Lydia, and Francis's friend, Reading. The intense feeling that Reading has of Lydia is so ... how do I say it ... fasinating that I want their romance -- their courtship and their love-- to be featured in a book. Their own book!

The begining and middle was great. It has thicker than what I usually read but I am glad I've took it up. However, the instance that Francis discovered that he love Elinor was a little too fast for me to imagine that to be real. Perhaps that starling discovery wouldn't last a few years.

As Francis had said of himself as being interested in Elinor and did not like himself being bored, one can't help but wonder when they married, how Rohan's interest in Elinor would continue.

After all, Francis had chased Elinor because she did not fall to his feet like the others. But once they had married, it would be that Francis would have Elinor's love. And I wonder if that's enough. But with Elinor's personality ... perhaps that would be. I could imagine them living together and quarrelling all those things that newlyweds would quarrel but that would be hidden with their love for each other.

Hmm... I am very interested in what happens after their happily-ever-after.
3.5 Stars for this book. A little flawed at the end but wonderful in the process.

A new school, a new year

I should have posted this a few days ago but because of some Internet problems, I couldn't go online. But now I am here. :)

So I am now in a new school, in JC. And I am currently pleased with my choice.

On the first day of school, I met up with my primary school friend who was just SITTING NEXT to me!! And we were in the same group! OMG. This is fate, definitely. Because of meeting her and having her beside me, I wasn't that afraid to chat to other of my group mates. Sufficient to say, I have some new contacts in my phone ^^

There was an opening principal speech and that told me many things. For one, discipline is very important. For another, the pincipal's a she. Haha, a stupid tidbit. But listening to her speech has made me realise that I MUST study hard and get good results, otherwise, I can't compete with the rest of the world. Some might think of this as kiasu but really, there are more than 6 billion people in the world. Minus the elderly and the children there is still about 60% or more all fighting for the jobs. If I can't stand the pressure and expectation, HOW CAN I EXPECT TO LIVE COMFORTABLY IN THIS WORLD?

On a lighter note, these few days was fun. We played, danced and cheered. Haha! I don't think I have made a wrong choice. Especially when we danced to the tune of

The atmosphere was just exciting! It felt like one that I usually read from a manga and not in real life. Plus  the group leaders were all crazy~. Sweet!

Mon's our camp. Looking forward to that!

So how's your schoool days going? :3

Saturday, January 22, 2011

2nd time going for B & P !

This really feels like I'm a part of their group.

Thanks W for inviting me!

Our scores!

And then some time for some Arcade games~~

Then onto pool!

A fun day filled with laughter and happiness.


If this could last forever. . .