Sunday, February 20, 2011

Celebrating a friend's birthday

I would say he was sweating and frantic all the way while he played this game. *laughs* Because otherwise, if he could not complete the puzzle in 15 minutes, he had to do ........................


I could hear him going about, pointing fingers and asking if they have a colour from the puzzle.

And then some of the guys just purposely tricked him, making Sam waste his precious time. He was screaming "F--- you!" in a very shrill and desperately voice. Haha. xD So cute!

And the time was up. Soooo, he had to do it. He had to do it.

He had to do, The Sexy Dance.

But because he told me not to use the camera or the video, I followed. So too bad for you. You can't see the poses made by him. Haha. He was quite sporty though. Perfectly executed poses. xD

So glad he had invited me to his birthday chalet. I was able to use their bicycle and cycle the pathway! What fun it had been ^__^

(Photos will be posted later)

But the ride was just fun and sweaty. Cause of of us had to relearn how to cycle again and he kept going off the pathway and into the bushes! So cute! Also nearly had some crashes but no one got (seriously) hurt. He improved too. Took an hour and a half to complete cycling in one direction and only 10 minuted back to the chalet. Fast!

It was a great day. And i had an enjoyable time spent there. ^_^

Thanks for inviting me Sam!

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