Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oat bath

So I'm currently trying a remedy for my eczema. An oat bath. With Cowhead's Organic Rolled Oats.

Why? Because,
The common uses for Oatmeal Baths:

■Chicken pox

■Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac

■Dry skin

■Insect bites


■Diaper rash

■Anal itching (often from pinworms)



And after reading so many websites saying about it's effectiveness, that it'll reduce the reddness, I've decided to give it a try.

But the problem is that I don't have a tub at home, so what must one do? Be creative. By using a pail to do my thing. But I'm not gonna bath myself using that. No, it's too small. I am actually now testing my leg side (the arm and leg) to see how it goes.

It has been the 2nd time since i'm soaking in oats. And I still haven't see any improvement. But since it's natural, it should be expected... But I still wish it'll hurry up and disappear. From my life. I would be very grateful.

I'll soak myself a few more times and then I'll tell you my result. Hopefully it's good.

Friday, October 29, 2010

A week after Graduation

It has been a week. There's not much changes, unless you count that O levels have begun and I'm getting redder :<

 English, Maths and A maths have been striked off from my list. The hopes of me getting an A for English and A maths are dimishing.

5 more remain. I hope I'll still be at full speed.

When I look at the above 2 sentence, that Eng and Maths have been over and done with, it feels like it had happened a long time ago (when in fact it was over just a few days ago). I guess when one looks back, it'll seem as if the time has gone very fast, but when one looks ahead, it's very far away.

A further update about my life, for those who want to read anyway

These few days I've been coming to school early for consultations and it has been a fun time :) even though we're cramming for the subject to be tested.

Did you know that there're O level answers on the Internet just a day after the exam? He's checking them out :D  The lights add an unreal touch to the picture. Hehe, nice eh?

Anyway, there's still 2 more weeks to go.

Will update you (if there is even a you) soon~

Gambatte, Ed!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The farewell of 4E2 and YISS

I have officially graduated from YISS. 4 years in this school. The first two weren't really memorial but the last two ... it was fabulous.

And so, I will write down my thoughts about this 4 years :). 

Secondary 1

I still remembered the first day of school. I woke up around 5 something, took my time to get ready, all perfectly dressed (like a nerd) and my father drove me to school. There was a bench near the GO which I sat on. A secondary 4/5 girl sat next to me. "Hello," I said. She nodded. Then she looked away. That was very awkward. I had to wait for quite a long time (arrived too early). I had been worried and uneasy that I won't fit in.

I joined Art Club and Life Science Society. Both timings didn't clash at that time.

I wasn't very outspoken then. I was more interested in reading books. Everyday bringing in a new book :D

Didn't have much friends at that time. But I remembered you, Elizabeth, who once followed me to find a table during recess time :) Seemed to me that I was like a mother duck [laughs].

Secondary 2

Secondary 2 and 1 were almost similar. I stayed at home, read books, didn't socialise with my classmates; they didn't really talk to me, so who cares. I had some people in my class that I didn't like. Stared at me so I stared back. Therefore resulting in me not liking them.

The last term, when I had to choose my subject for Sec 3, was the turning point in my life. I previously ticked the choice of Combined Sciences (it seemed easier and I didn't want to stress myself) but thanks to Ms Lin who convinced me to take up Pure Sciences, based on my results, I entered 3E2.

Secondary 3

My classmates changed. Now, there were new faces to be recognised and names to be remembered.

Being a part of this class changed me. For the better of course. I had become more interactive and talkative, especially during the last few weeks when we would see ourselves being promoted to Sec 4.

We had changed our teachers too. From Mdm Junainah to the resilient Mrs Goh , from Ms Poorany to Mrs Barnwell and many others.
The one clear thing that I remembered about E maths lessons was the person who sat beside me: Samuel. He was a very interesting character, even more so when became a Sec 4. Saying jokes about my 'smartness' [laughs]

The other person was Jason, who was my seatmate in A maths. Teaching me the formulas and questions when I didn't understand when the teacher taught. Thanks a lot Jason!

I also had an unexpected meeting with a person from another class in Chinese lessons. Yes, Angeline. I'm talking about you :) Such a fun time, chatting with you while listening to my worse subject for me at that time: Chinese!

I also forced formed a bond with my classmates, the ones that I thought were so noisy in my CCA (but now I know better). My mouth started smiling after I got to know you girls. So, thank you for letting me in to your group :)

I had to quit Art Club because the timing clashed. It now happened on the same day and at the same time. Choosing between Art Club and Life Society was a decision that required some thought. But ultimately, I chose LSS. The reason being LSS has my classmates in it. And I was laughing even more. While at Art Club, I was more of a tutor to the lower secondary members and I didn't really want to throw away the only chance I had of having fun (not to say I wasn't having any fun doing arty things with you girls, but even more fun with my classmates because we would see each other very single day!) I didn't regret my decision. I didn't.
 Secondary 4

It was like Sec 3 but with even more hilarious and fun moments. I was even more talkative, even more expressive than the last 3 years added together.

On 15 April, I and the other members of LSS stepped down. It was time to focus on our 'O's.
I'm the one who spread her arms like a "spider web",
or so Joey commented ^^

And I performed with my class on stage for Teachers' Day.

Can you see me? :)

This year, I have made even more friends than before, laughed and joked about even more and even breaking some of the  (almost non-existent) school rules. [laughs]

Today's Graduation Day, 14 October 2010, was a very touching moment, and a very good opportunity to take lots and lots for photos, to leave behind memories.
I have realised that Edna Chew is no longer camera shy. It's the opposite in fact :D If you facebook-ed me, you'll be surprised by the number of photos this ex-introvert had taken with her friends.

 The speeches made by our Form teachers have really shown how much they have cared for us; how they have nurtured us. We should not let them down; I should not let them down. Knowing how much they have done for me, I should and must preserver and get good results. I must perserver and get good results.

This year was a very unique and interesting year because we, the students of 4E2 are even more united than the last. Even more together than before. And even more crazy than ever.

Missing who

Thursday will never be the same again. Never seeing the rush to buy the food, the strategy planned by the students, the friendship displayed by them and the widening of the teachers' eyes when they realised it was Chicken / Fish & Chips Day and they have to let the students off earlier to allow them to gain an edge over the rest.

I will never be the same without 4E2. You have brought warmth into my life. You have provided me 'shade from the tropical hot sun' (find this phrase familiar? ;P). You have made me a better person, much better than before. So I thank you.

You'll always remain in my memories.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 3 : Eight ways to win your heart.

1. A sense of humor that makes me laugh, when I'm sad or happy or anywhere in between.

2. Roses! ... No, really?

3. Friendship. One that is true and without any pretense.

4. Hygiene. A very good level of hygiene!

5. Tall. Tall enough for me to lean on that person's shoulders xD (Provided that is a male)
   Short. Short enough to make me want to protect her.
...Are we still talking about friends or ...

6. He must be able to accept me as who I am, how I look like and how I think.

7. He has to be the anchor of me.

8. He must be -- last but never the least-- my soul mate.  (*blushes* Did I just write that?!)

Haha! But these are only the tip of the iceberg. I am very picky ;)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 2 [1] : Nine things about myself

1. I am a tall girl :D

2. I have ... Eczema...

3. I do love my friends. I will treasure them.

4. I am a bookworm. If you ask me what would represent me, then I would say, it's a bookworm. Because I love to consume words ;)

5. My hygiene level is not as high as you may think.

7. I am an romantic. I love the idea of soulmates and I hope to meet mine soon.

8. I can understand and speak simple Japanese.

9. I am in search of friends that I can talk to and about everything and anything.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A birthday Present

I've received a birthday present ~~

I admit, I was so shocked to receive it. But I'm happy too. Hehe

And inside this beautiful box,

there lies

My present!!

Thanks a lot Teresa!!

Day 1 [I] : Ten things to tell to different people

1. I will treasure your gift Teresa!!! Thank you so much! It was a wonderful and lovely surprise, :).

2. I can't wait to go shopping with you Joey xD.

3. Thank you for letting me a part of your group.

4. Thank you for caring for me Dad (though I wish there could be more of a variety of food)

5. Class 4E2 is the BEST!!

6. 能在O水准得到A2是因为我有了您的鼓励和支持,所以我想对您说 "谢谢老师"

7. I dislike balls of any kind. I've been too traumatized by them.

8. I dislike your attitude.

9. A good dermatologist is wanted to clear my skin.

10. O levels are less than a week away...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Challenges [I]

Day 1 : Ten things you want to tell to ten different people.

Day 2 : Nine things about myself .

Day 3 : Eight ways to win your heart.

Day 4 : Seven things that crossed your mind alot.

Day 5 : Six things you wished you never done.

Day 6 : Five people meant alot to you. (not in order.)

Day 7 : Four dislikes.

Day 8 : Three dislikes.

Day 9 : Two smiley that describe your life now.

Day 10 : ONE Confession

Some drawings I made today




I like the first done better :)

Monday, October 4, 2010


What's this?


Eraser wrestling!

Omg, it's so nostalgic! I still remember the time when I was in primary school playing this...  :D


In the end I lost...

 10 -- 11. Unbelievable.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Start of using Vitamin E on my Eczema

So I went to Mustafa Centre and bought Vitamin E oil

which, when I cross refer to other sources, say that

Studies have shown that the use of E is proven to provide substantial relief from the condition and in some patients, an almost complete remediation.

- Uses of Vitamin E

When I came back home and checked the Net, I then realise that this product is actually synthetic and not the actual one. (synthetic vitamin E is named as dl-alpha tocopherol as opposed to natural d-alpha tocopherol.)

But since I had it, might as well make the full use of it. I tried a little on my arm, and it was very sticky, even though I used only small amounts. I did a skin test first, on my hand, just to make sure that I'm not allergic to it or anything.

The next day, my other hand and legs were inflamed. But I will try it for another week to see if it gets worse, because I might (most likely) have eaten something wrong yesterday, hence my silvered and red legs and chest. -.-

Hopefully this will improve my condition, because if not, then the $26 will be for naught.

Will update you with the going of this.