Friday, October 29, 2010

A week after Graduation

It has been a week. There's not much changes, unless you count that O levels have begun and I'm getting redder :<

 English, Maths and A maths have been striked off from my list. The hopes of me getting an A for English and A maths are dimishing.

5 more remain. I hope I'll still be at full speed.

When I look at the above 2 sentence, that Eng and Maths have been over and done with, it feels like it had happened a long time ago (when in fact it was over just a few days ago). I guess when one looks back, it'll seem as if the time has gone very fast, but when one looks ahead, it's very far away.

A further update about my life, for those who want to read anyway

These few days I've been coming to school early for consultations and it has been a fun time :) even though we're cramming for the subject to be tested.

Did you know that there're O level answers on the Internet just a day after the exam? He's checking them out :D  The lights add an unreal touch to the picture. Hehe, nice eh?

Anyway, there's still 2 more weeks to go.

Will update you (if there is even a you) soon~

Gambatte, Ed!!

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