Saturday, October 2, 2010

Start of using Vitamin E on my Eczema

So I went to Mustafa Centre and bought Vitamin E oil

which, when I cross refer to other sources, say that

Studies have shown that the use of E is proven to provide substantial relief from the condition and in some patients, an almost complete remediation.

- Uses of Vitamin E

When I came back home and checked the Net, I then realise that this product is actually synthetic and not the actual one. (synthetic vitamin E is named as dl-alpha tocopherol as opposed to natural d-alpha tocopherol.)

But since I had it, might as well make the full use of it. I tried a little on my arm, and it was very sticky, even though I used only small amounts. I did a skin test first, on my hand, just to make sure that I'm not allergic to it or anything.

The next day, my other hand and legs were inflamed. But I will try it for another week to see if it gets worse, because I might (most likely) have eaten something wrong yesterday, hence my silvered and red legs and chest. -.-

Hopefully this will improve my condition, because if not, then the $26 will be for naught.

Will update you with the going of this.

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