Thursday, April 15, 2010

What Thursday means to me

Thursday = Teamwork


Well, if you're a student in YI, then you'll sure know that Thursday is Chicken Day for some and FISH N CHIPS DAY for others.

It started in '09 i think, when the famous Chicken and Fish N Chips started being sold.

Fish And Chips!!!!

Yum xD

Last year, the queues were ok, since we did not share our recess with  other many classes.

But this year, we had. So usually, if one is let off from class late, one will have to endure the wait of about 15 minutes (almost half of our recess) and the possibility of the food being sold out.

And this is where teamwork comes in.

You ask your friend who's conveniently already in the queue to help you buy the food.
You ask your friend who is preparing to run to the canteen to buy a portion for you too.

[Which is just cutting queues. But anyway.]

Therefore, Thurday is not just an ordinary day. It is the day when the Chicken and Fish N Chips are sold  one is able to connect with one friend's and to improve one's friendship with others since it is making sure that one is talking to them!


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Anonymous said...

LOl sounds nice... but i would prefer Chicken and fries XP