Friday, April 16, 2010

What 14 April meant to me

It's the day when the seniors stepped down and of course my brother's birthday

After some presentations done by us, we celebrated!

 Ca-ki ca-ki ca-ki !!

But first, we had a small video done by ___ to show the times we spent in the workshops Life Science managed to get for us. Soap making! Cream formulation! and also the pictures of the BioTech Fair that Billy, Fatimah, Suzin, Qing Ling and me attended. :D

Ahh, what memories.

Then Mrs Tan gave us seniors vitamin A so as to not get sick easily. But on closer inspection, it looks similar to sweets... Hmm.

Then the arrival of cake!! from Swensens. XD

Then the ceremonial cutting of the cake. And the usual gorging on it.

Then group photos!  Photos go HERE (on facebook)

Some wishes from Ms Tay, Mrs Tan and Mr Chow =)

Though Ms Tay said that the members of the BioTech Fair
were always willing to stay back for the compeition,
and had once stayed till 8pm,
I might (maybe) have grumbled alot.
So sorry for that.

We have, I have, been in this club for 4 years now. Time sure does fly fast, doesn't it. Well, at least there wasn't (much) things that i have regreted doing in Life Science. It was fun, during my sec 3 and 4 years ^__^

So, i shall end off.

But not before .....

getting a last photo shoot with the rest of LSS members and teachers!

Goodbye LSS.
It was fun knowing you
though it might have started late.
Still, i have some wonderful memories of you,
 and hope you did too.



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