Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cream Workshop

We (LSS) went to Nan Yang (again) for a cream formation workshop!

Same place, same instructors and same gifts! XD

Made an antiseptic cream that's blue in colour but somehow looks like toothpaste. I also added strawberry fragrance into it but i don't think there's a difference...
My phone was spoilt -.- I'm not sure what happened but i can't take any photos. So i took some photos using Joh.'s phone. Hopefully he'll send them to me. *crosses my fingers*

On the bus to and fro, Jo., YJ, QL, Y. and me sat at the last row of the bus seats. :D First time sitting there, cause usually there would always be people (V's Gang :) ) there.

Haha! I believe we made plenty of noise coming back to our school ^__^

The judge, the juries, the accused, the victim and the accomplices.


(points towards Joh) Me: 'Penalty!'

Jo., YJ, QL, Y. : 'Punishment?'

Me: ' Excution!'

Y. : 'By electrocution!'


I kinda enjoy my years in Sec 3 and 4. I am evious of the free time i had in Sec 1 and 2 but not of my social life. To those who were in the same class as me from Sec 1 till now, i'm sure you also prefer me this way right?

I know i do.

:D I feel that my social reach has increased greatly. And i'm very pleased about that. ^___^

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