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Book Review: A Dangerous Love, by Brenda Joyce

Book Review: A Dangerous Love, by Brenda Joyce

A Dangerous Obsession
Torn from his Romany mother's arms as a small boy, Viscount Emilian St. Xavier has spent a lifetime ignoring the whispers of gypsy that follow him everywhere. A nobleman with wealth, power and privilege, he does not care what the gadjos think. But when the Romany come to Derbyshire with news of his mother's murder at the hands of a mob, his world implodes. And Ariella de Warrene is the perfect object for lust and revenge....

A Dangerous Passion
Ariella de Warenne's heritage assures her a place in proper society, though as a radical and independent thinker she scorns her peers' frivolous pursuits in the Ton, fashion and marriage. Until a Roma camp arrives at Rose Hill, and she finds herself drawn to their charismatic leader, Emilian. Even when he warns her away, threatening that he intends to seduce and destroy her, she cannot refuse him. For Ariella is just as determined to fight for their dangerous love…

May contain Contains spoilers!!! Read at your own risk!!
Rants included!

I can't believe this...

Emilian (the hero) keeps pushing Ariella (the heroine) away. He gave warnings to her that he won't give back her love. But Ariella, just having the reason that de Warennes fall in love hard and fast [eg: a once-in-a-lifetime love], keeps coming back to him. Even though he failed her time and time again. I don't know if she is stubborn or machoist. I can't believe how she can tolerate the treatment Emilian gave her [... though to be fair, Emilian did not lead her on]!

Okay, i realise that this is kinda bias BUT i have to continue.

I still can't understand why Ariella choose to be with him. He has baggage, i know, which is what many heros have. But still! How can she bear to let him leave her side to a place that she don't even know where he's going and for how long! And look at the way he treated her! Even when he left her, he still came back BUT just for a night in bed. And he expect that it won't change a thing. What a dumbass.


I really really really want to *hands forming the strangeling hold* AHHHhhhh!

And this is something that i read with great relish.

She might even be with her Prince Charming, but he intended to accept it and be glad for her. He only hoped that they could finally be friends.

He would settle for her friendship now.


It seems that without a loss of something or someone being hurt, love will become like the shrivelled leaves on a dead tree in the coming years. So i wonder if it is worth it, to love and be hurt along the way.

He would settle for her friendship now.

Stupid, stubborn man.

Damn it. This is the first time i had felt this strongly against a book.... And the last time, if i could help it!

So, no. I won't be giving any ratings for this.
Those who read this may get eye pains from the amount of dislike spilling from their eyes.

So approach only at your own risk!

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