Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sg ComiFest 2011!

I should have posted this last weekend when the event had ended but with no photos, this post wouldn't be interesting. And so I begin:

It was the first day of my volunteering life. I signed up for this alone, meaning the people who would be at the ComiFest were strangers to me.

We first met up for a pre-briefing at TCZ Studio and became bouncers for the event.

Cool eh :D

I'm just guessing but TCZ should mean The Celestial Zone. And I am probably right, cause there were posters of the characters from that manga in the studio. It had been nerve-wreaking for me, cause they all arrived in their groups and it was intimidating. Then I chatted with Cassandra and we hit off. ^_^ And later Isabel and Chin Rui ( I can remember the hanyu pinyin but don't know why I just can't pronounce his name! Haha)

5th March was the start.

It was in Suntec City. For those who had missed out, too bad! You should have seen the crowd in the afternoon. So many cosplayers!

I expected ComiFest to be in the Convention Hall. I mean, that's where they all went, right? The anime fest and others. But noooooo, it was on the 3rd floor of the open space.

I was shocked.

What's more, there was also a wedding exbition held TOGETHER with the ComiFest. I was like WTH?! That's too weird! What does manga and cosplay have to do with weddings?

Anyway, we arrived at 10am, and got ready.

And it began.

The Artist Showcase happened,

With Ms Yeo rolling the ball.
All the artists have to finish their artwork within 30 minutes.

End product:

And there's a little Pura there. Can you spot her? ^_^

Next was

And the third artwork's

Handsome (^~^)

And the cosplayers (it is not a ComiFest if there are no cosplayers)


Her kimono was such that one of her shoulders could be seen. I wanted to take that but ....
Kimonos are beautiful! I want to cosplay in them ~

Allen Walker!
Can you guess the episode where this happens?

Hint: He held a deck of cards.  :}

The SWAT Team

It was an eye opening experience. I had gotten to know more people and that's what I would take back. It had been a nice feeling, chatting and laughing with soon-to-be-friends. Perhaps that's why people volunteer. . .
I would want to volunteer again. :)

Plus, I got to meet the highlight of this event:


OMG, It's real hair!!! Haha

And our interpretation of Pura, the Neko mascot for this event ^__^


And another volunteer's sketch.  *Covers mouth*

IT WAS A PLEASANT DAY AND NIGHT ^___________________________________^

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