Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tomorrow, the Day

JJ will be having our SYF tomorrow, 27 April,
 at Republic Poly at 1.30pm in the theatre located on the outskirts of the ground, near the canteen.

Come and support us! Give us eye power encouragement!

Rock On Dudes and Duduttes!

Gosh. All our hardwork is all for tomorrow. For the prizes of SYF. I really hope we would get a good prize, enough to honor JJ. Weeks of practice, all converging for tomorrow. Getting butterflies just typing these words. Haha.

I haven't seen the other school's performances. I heard they're quite good. But we are better. Yeah right. Still, we must not waste all the practice that we have. We mustn't.

And after the SYF, J2s have to step down. It is very fast. I am sad that they have to step down. There isn't enough time for me to interact with Guitar's members! My J2 friends. . :( I will see them even less. And laughing at all the antics that they have done. I don't really anticipate them retiring from Guitar. :(

From our rehersals for our Civis performance

to our last and final rehersal yesterday

It has passed too fast.
But I believe we can achieve.

All the best Guitar Club!

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