Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hey everyone,

It's Friday~!! Tomorrow

Haha! Even Guitar Club got infected by the Friday song.

Seriously though, can you believe the girl's 13? She looks like 18 or something! There is something about America that matures/ages its teens faster than the rest. .

Good Friday's up next and What a lovely holiday I'll be having. ^^ Sleep in, meet friends ... and study. Got to study hard. I am so behind everyone. :(

*Sigh* We've got a new timetable. Crossed my fingers that it would be better. Didn't work. Our class ends latest at 6 and earliest at 5. WTH. This is bullshit.

Let me rant:
For whatever reason, is our timetable really better than other schools? Just by comparing with other classes, they're so much better. Currently, the earliest is 3pm. Thank god we shifted up one lesson 1 hour ealier. Latest is 5.30. Truly, couldn't we have Friday free? No. We got to have SPA after the prayers. And going home around 5. CCA day doesn't count cause I have Guitar. And that's enough to make me happy. Now, with the new timetable, . . . ending even later, released even later. Sian. . . So many tutorials, lectures on that day. How to survive?



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