Friday, February 11, 2011

I want an Iphone.

I want


To tell you the truth, I actually didn't want to get one, even with my brother nagging me to get that. You have enough money what..This and that. I didn't see the need to get one. I mean sure, using the Internet from the Iphone makes things easier but do I really need that?

 I'm still a student. I'm not a working adult. And so, I rejected what my brother said.

But when I went to visit my relatives and saw that one of them had an Iphone 3 and I asked her about the wonders of that (which in hindsight I shouldn't have),I fell in love with it.

She told me that
  1. Going to the Internet would be fast and easy for Iphone 4
  2. I can download games/apps to put inside my (would-be) Iphone
  3. It is convenient.
  4. I can go online everywhere and anywhere as long as I get a data plan.
And last but not least, I found that Iphone 4 can also act as a


And that's precisely why I did a 180 degrees in my attitude towards Iphone.

I want that E-reader.

I want it.

But of course, what I want isn't what I need. And that doesn't mean that I/my parents can afford that for me, seeing that the data plan costs $40 per month. Which would be $480 per year.

 Do I earn any money? No.

Do I need it for my studies? No.

Can they afford? Yes, but no.

And ... after sulking for a few minutes, I see their point. Perhaps I'll wait until next year till I bug them to buy one for me. Perhaps then I could get one of these babies

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