Saturday, January 29, 2011

Review: Ruthless by Anne Stuart

Few outsiders will ever witness the dark misdeeds of the Heavenly Host. And among this secret society, where exiled Georgian aristocrats gather to indulge their carnal desires, fewer still can match the insatiable appetitie of their chief provocateur, the mysterious Viscount Rohan.

Pursuit of physical pleasure is both his preferred pastime and his most pressing urge, until he encounters the fascination of a woman who won't be swayed. And while his dark seduction appalls the pure and impoverished Elinor Harriman, she finds herself intrigued...and secretly drawn to the man behind the desire.

It is actually good! I mean I've only read Stuart's Ice series which I love but I didn't think she could write a historical romance. Guess I was wrong :)

The hero is one of a kind. He is a very cynical man and then he meets Elinor. With her determination to not fall at his knees and the arguements she has with him everytime they meet, determined not to receive his charity, it almost feels like there is some passion underneath all that unwillingness that Elinor have of Francis, which is so sweet! I love reading the interaction they have together :)

Plus there's also a side romance between Elinor's sister, Lydia, and Francis's friend, Reading. The intense feeling that Reading has of Lydia is so ... how do I say it ... fasinating that I want their romance -- their courtship and their love-- to be featured in a book. Their own book!

The begining and middle was great. It has thicker than what I usually read but I am glad I've took it up. However, the instance that Francis discovered that he love Elinor was a little too fast for me to imagine that to be real. Perhaps that starling discovery wouldn't last a few years.

As Francis had said of himself as being interested in Elinor and did not like himself being bored, one can't help but wonder when they married, how Rohan's interest in Elinor would continue.

After all, Francis had chased Elinor because she did not fall to his feet like the others. But once they had married, it would be that Francis would have Elinor's love. And I wonder if that's enough. But with Elinor's personality ... perhaps that would be. I could imagine them living together and quarrelling all those things that newlyweds would quarrel but that would be hidden with their love for each other.

Hmm... I am very interested in what happens after their happily-ever-after.
3.5 Stars for this book. A little flawed at the end but wonderful in the process.

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