Wednesday, February 2, 2011

JJ Odyssey Orientation 2011


Nothing could beat the JJ Night, where we partiiieeeeed! Jumping up and down, moving to the beat of the music and singing so loudly with the Emcees!! Wooooooohoo~

The next best is the Haunted Cave. Hehe, I heard some girls screaming! They were so shocked when the ghosts appeared. Even the ones that said they weren't afraid screamed. HAH!  I didn't. And I was the first pair, together with my partner. Proud of myse-elf. :D

I met many people during this camp and I've got to know would-be friends. All thanks to this OG. We exchanged phone numbers and added each other on facebook. Hehe. I also saw many of my primary school friends there. I wonder if they still remember me . . . Probably not.

But still, I had plenty of fun here at this JC. It shows that JJ is not a bad choice after all. Hahaha, I think I'm falling in love with this school. With my school. :)

 Not forgetting to thank the wonderful OGLs which had made this camp so wonderful. Without them, I think this exhilarating feeling that I've felt in these 3 days would not even exist, the feelings that I thought would only happen in mangas.

Thank You So So Much!!

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