Monday, November 15, 2010

An amigurumi Pear

On 15 November 2010, Monday, I finally finished this .

It took me the morning and afternoon to finish this cutey pear :D

The pattern to make this adorable pear is HERE . The instructions are easy to follow, even a beginner like me can deciper the hidden meaning behind it :)

It's so cute! xD

But of course, with someone having my skill there's bound to be some mistakes. And there are.

The pencil shaded areas on my pear, which I had wanted to indicate where to sew the eyes but just couldn't decide. So I shaded a few more areas ... and found that I couldn't erase them off. >_<
Unwilling to do another pear -- my eyes hurt -- I tweaked the colour a little, shaded a few more areas to make the pear look a little rugged.

It looks dirty ... oh well. One must make mistakes to improve oneself. 

Having learnt this lesson, I would advise you to

Not use any pens or pencils on the amigurumi!

Hehe, got another addition to my stuffed friends :}

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