Sunday, November 28, 2010

Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale

Barbie was on a shoot in Hollywood for her upcoming movie "The Princess and the Pea", when the director fires her for expressing her opinion. As she is packing to leave the studio, Ken calls her on the phone and substancially dumps her. She decides to go and live at her Aunt Millicent's fashion house in Paris, France. While she is on the plane, Ken is rehearsing with his friend. He discovers that she has recorded his voice and played it on his phone to make it seem as if he dumped Barbie. As soon as he realizes, he calls Barbie's friends. They tell him to make her believe it and make it up to her he has to preform a 'grand romantic jesture'. So Ken decides to fly on a plane to Paris and surprise her. So he books a plane and gets ready to fly to Paris.

What I love about this movie is that this is very different from the others. In this movie, Barbie acts as .....   


 Not any other character, but just Barbie. It, itself, is just shocking. I would say, judging from this movie, that the producers are trying on a different tactic on selling Barbie to the world, that she is no longer just a usual fairytale character but more of a real life one.

In A Fashion Fairytale, Barbie is an actress, who's currently acting in a movie but had been fired because of her opinion about something. Obstacles are in her way and she has to overcome them. Like knowing Ken had supposedly broke up with her.

Ken!! I reckon this is the first time I had seen the name Ken mentioned in all of the other Barbie movies. He is such an amusing guy! When the plane was stuck, he doggedly made other arrangements to surprise Barbie in Paris. When his pants split, showing his (red hearts) underwear to the world, he still muttered: "It's all for Barbie. It's all for Barbie."

How funny is that?!

It's a really nice movie, showing both views of the characters, Barbie and Ken. And, as usual, there is a moral to the story, which is:
Whatever happens, even when people badmouth you, or write nasty comments about you, you must still believe in yourself, in your own special ability.

However, even though the starting was something like the real life, the 3 cute fairies flaries were not. But you cannot except that Barbie movies are not magical in their own sense!

Also, the ending was ... really like a princess ending. The producers seem to move away from the fairytales plot at the beginning but they persist in having a princess ending. Die die must have one. And the result is Barbie and Ken having a kiss (yes, they've made up), with a castle at the background. It really feels like that scene is an extra. It doesn't really link to the story!!

But A Fashion Fairytale is refreshing, to say the least. A quite interesting and unique movie, unlike the others. I would give this 3.5 out of 5.

*PS: No pictures in this review because I can't find any. >_>

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