Tuesday, November 30, 2010

3rd day into guitar lessons

And I still cannot believe that I have a guitar!

She is a very lovely, polished classical guitar that my Mum bought for me.

Initially, I want to use my own savings to buy, but then I thought that that savings come from Mum and so ... is there any difference in using her money or my savings to pay? Because essentially, it all comes from her. But I suppose the feeling is different bah.

The first time I carried the guitar, holding onto the guitar case, is somewhat exciting. I mean, I am one of the people who has a guitar. And carrying it around makes me feel like I'm the IT people. You know, the people who are cool because they know how to play the guitar. Of course, I haven't even started yet, but those strangers don't know that correct? :D

The sense of people admiring me (perhaps) is strong enough for me to carry her everywhere I go. Haha! God knows how much I admire those people who are able to play a musical instrument. And now I'm one of them. With the help of her, of course.

I am certainly feeling very happy.

I am also glad that I had chosen a classical guitar as opposed to an acoustic. Classicals are so much easier to play; there is not much pain on my fingertips when I press onto the nylon strings. While the acoustics have steel strings and just pressing onto them for 10s will cause my fingertips to hurt. I can practice on her for up to an hour and my fingertips won't hurt (not as much when playing the acoustic, anyway) :D

So take it from a complete beginner. Getting a classical guitar is better over an acoustic one because there will not be much pain involved.

I wanted to get into the lessons in the Community Centres but the registrations are (mostly) closed! All have begun in late Oct or early Nov. Why aren't there any ones that teach in Dec? Now I have to wait until next year >_< Sucks.

Lucky, there are many free online lessons. There's one in About.com ,  but I still prefer a teacher's touch. Nothing can beat a real teacher who can check my mistakes and correct them.

Ok, she is calling me. Gotta concentrate.

See you~

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