Wednesday, December 15, 2010

3rd Day

I have realised that between typing in items and running up and down to do stuff for my employer, I would prefer running up and down. It helps that the company is only 3 storeys high too.

This morning, I have seen a real, live, illegal bookie. He just suddenly, out of nowhere appeared while we were having breakfast and subtly took out his notebook and asked the numbers. Interesting. And after that, he disappeared as quick as a ninja. With a turn of my head, he was waayy back asking the shop owner for her numbers. Now that is what I call quick.

This is where it happened:

Also, I have noted that in Malaysia, there is no such thing as an illegal parking space. Cars park just outside the food stalls, even if there weren't any indications, even if the stalls are next to the expressways. They still stop there! Luckily, Malaysia has plenty of space for roads.

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