Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 2

It's the second day!

Woke up early in the morning, preparing to set off for my new job: an errand girl for my relatives' company. It felt something like an internship, where I get some experience and they give me a roof over my head ( one that is very fine) and food, three times a day. :D

stayed worked there from 9 to 6, experiencing what the working world would offer. It was alright, but there was limited human contact; it was within the same place where I worked offered my services and there were 3 constant people working there.

On our way to the place, I saw

It is a little ... worrying. Like a scrapyard for unwanted wooden materials.

But the scenery in front was very very cool.

This can't be seen in Singapore. :D

Some of my relatives weren't alerted that I would come alone and they were surprised to say the least. Haha! There are some more which I think haven't know it yet, so I'm hoping to shock them. ^^

Also, for the first time, I did Tai-Chi.

You know, the word Tai-Chi makes me think of people doing it in parks or gardens. But this was different. It was in a primary school, and in the evening somemore. It was a relatively cloudy night. Tonight was a half moon. Beside the moon, there was a shining and bright star. "They're like lovers," my aunty commented. Indeed they were. ^^

The thing that sets Malaysia apart from Singapore, for me, is the ability to see the stars and moon. Unlike Singapore (and this kills me to admit it), Malaysia does not have much high-rise buildings or tall tress. These would not block the view of the stars-interested person. I could count more than 7 stars in the sky! My eyes were shining very brightly when I counted them. I bet you could imagine them.

But back to Tai-Chi. The first set we did as a group was simple breathing and hand movements. I could keep up with that. And I thought, It's easy. Isn't there more challenging?

And I got my wish. The next was moving both the hands and legs. That was more difficult. I guess I looked as graceful as a dog dancing on two legs.

The third set required the use of a sword. An actual sword!! Wow.
I played with the sword, slid it in and out of the hilt, pretending that I was a samurai. Haha.

Then we ate supper and came back,
What a nice thing to end the day. :)

I really have to thank my parents for allowing me to come here, and my friends who didn't send any sms to me to invite me out. Because without them, I would not keep complaining that I'm bored, grating on my parents' nerves until they came up with this solution. So I guess, everything will end up good and happy.


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