Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm still here~

It's been exactly 1 week since I've said bye bye to Singapore!

How do I feel?
Great! Never been better. My skin is still smooth and not red ... much but  I do feel sleepy. Sleeping at 12 am every night and waking up for work at 6.30am surely will make a girl feel tired.

Coming here to KL, has made me realised that having many close relatives are a very good thing. Though they live far away, everytime I come here, it seems that we are closer every moment we meet.

 Seldom do I see them for such a continous time. It is indeed something to be treasured.  Because I know that for the next few years, I would not have the opportunity to live here for this long.

Yesterday I bunked in at my other aunty's house for 1 night.
When I was young, I was scared of my uncle, because he would always say in loud and abrupt sentences, and I deemed that he was scolding me. But now that I have become used to his way of speaking, I find that he's a funny, kind and lovely man. Time spent with him does make a difference.
Now, I can tell my child's mind that, Hey! He's not bad at all. :}

We also went to Empire, and took many photos there. Or should I say, I posed and she took them. I believe that if my friends saw me there, they would be very shocked. Shamelessly, I have posed in front of the decorations, where people could see me.

Was that embarassing?
Well, it was at first, but then the photo taking just morphed into something crazy and fun. Want to see the photos?

You have to wait then, cause I don't have the negatives now. Haha.

I have also gained a new jacket. It looked like an anime character would wear !! Cosplay!
I fell in love with the white version first. But then decided to take the black one.

LOVE IT ^__^

But it was quite expensive. . . and my aunty bought that for me.
I am thankful for that. A Christmas present!

But sometimes I have this thought that I am like a freeloader here. They provide lodging, pay for my food and my items. And they're not cheap. And I am doing nothing to repay them. Instead I am taking advantage of that. . . . I do feel guilty.

 I should refrain myself.


Another 2 weeks to go.
Another 2 weeks to enjoy myself.
Another 2 weeks to love my relatives more.
Another 2 weeks to 'cheat' my kind and generous relatives of their money.

Good night, good day,
Bye bye ^^

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