Monday, April 5, 2010

English Speech

Today, i had to do an english speech right in front of my class. 36 + teacher pairs of eyes staring at me. And, I had to wait outside the room with my fellow speech presenters as they, one by one, disappear.

I could literally feel my heart beating, da-dump da-dump da-dump, so fast while i was talking aloud. >_<

I realised that my speech was not interesting at all but i still appreciate the applause the class gave me.

^__^ Thanks a lot, you people!

At least i wasn't the very last person to say each of our speech. Hehe.


chibi04 said...

hmm what did u talk about? i had mine to but with less people staring at me.

Oh... what grade did u get for it?

Ed said...

Do we really need foreign workers in Singapore? No grade, just chosing who's gonna be in the inter-school compeition. Not me~ :D