Saturday, April 10, 2010

SYF Band Competition

Today, I and other Sec 3 and 4 people (volunteered) to go to SYF with the Sec1 and 2s. It's quite a fun experience for me :), cause it has been soooo long since i cheered (read: shouted) that loud ... or not. And taking many many many photos :D.

Though it might seem irritating, annoying or even pesky, please understand that i want to be certain that i have been there and done that. So don't be angry at me, cause i will continue, even if you criticise me.

So in sequence:

1) Gathered at school
We learnt some cheers for later (but seemed too little when comparing with the other schools cheers..)

2) Entrace to Indoor Stadium
Wow.. First time in there. O.O

3) Watching the other schools band performance.
Very interesting! Some other school bands had flags, choir, dance and even drama in it! Quite a unique experience. Plus i get to use Joh.'s camera ;D 
And so, after spending much time fiddling with Joh.'s camera, I have decided to get
myself as soon as possible.
It's so much fun!

4) Watching our own school's performance
XD Cheered and even went to the first row to take the video! :)
5) Award cermony
Looking at the drum major standing very stifly. Ehhh :)
Took a group photo (which i seemed to be the odd one out...) at the end. I wonder if Joh. would remember to send it to me....

6) Taking bus back to school
Let off time! Arrived at school at precisely 8.32pm.  :D

Might be posting the pictures on my Facebook account. I'm here so add me if you want

Hehe, overall it was a good experience. Really enjoyable. :D

Band people:
 It's ok. It's not the ending that's important. But the process. With the performance you people gave, it was cute, it was funny, it was scream-able. So look forward and just treat this as an opportunity to hear cheers from strangers.

It's alright.

I've met her again.
The one that I had searched for in the past week.
Finally i saw her,
here at the stadium.
And finally, i got her
and her hug.

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