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This is a very very VERY cute-ish type of manga. You have been warned if you dread this type

Ok, the story basicly goes like this. The heroine, Shidori, got a prediction saying that the hero, Pavis, will be her lover and so she goes to where he lives to try and make him like her. He does not at first, due to some past that he experienced. But under her kind actions, he can't stop himself from caring about Shidori. Then some little problems appear (which you have to read to find out).

The art is pretty, the hair, clothings are quite detailed. This is a shoujo manga, which explains why Shidori looks like this, and why Pavis looks like who he is. ( I am such a sucker for bishonen >3> )

An example:

 But why is that only this type of manga contains such bishonen?? Such a pity -__-

The storytelling lacks a bit of punch. The art, though pretty, is almost the same as all the other cute-ish type of manga. Not really memorable, since the characters are almost stereotypes. Hopefully the other chapters will be more in-depth.

And I ask you, do you really think the bishonen ( :D ) is 17? I mean he looks like if he is 18-20! And the girl looks like 14/15, based on her actions ... Why on earth do people draw this ... cute-ish type of manga????! (Probably to attract those lolicons fans...)

It's not my type (thankfully) but if you want it's HERE . There is currently 1 chapter online now. Perhaps there might be more when you click on it, perhaps not.

Happy reading!

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