Friday, June 11, 2010

Book Review: Chalice Of Roses

Book Review: Chalice Of Roses

Romance and destiny intertwine in four all-new novellas inspired by grail quests-featuring two New York Times bestselling authors! From the bestselling and award-winning authors of Dragon Lovers comes an anthology of fantasy, romance, and eternal love. In these four novellas, history and destiny spark passion, and everything depends on the fate of one mystical cup: the Holy Grail. A young woman must find her love to summon the Grail to bring peace to England; a Regency lady must keep it safe from Napoleon's spies; a modern sorceress must keep the Grail from falling into Nazi hands, and an American must put the chalice at risk to rescue her one true love. These are four passionate and enchanting stories of desire and destiny inspired by one of our most powerful legends

This is a collection of short stories, total 4.

I was ...  This book has highlighted to me why i dislike collections of short stories. There are many things which i do not like, and i can name them aloud:

1) There is no room for character development. Seeing that there is a limited amount of pages, it is almost certain that the stories do not dive into the characters, their background etc. It makes sure that the characters are flat, there is no 'dimension' about them.

2) It's too fast. Almost all the stories proceed for about 2-5 days. And in one story, the hero and heroine just fell in love/ wanted to get married after meeting each other ONCE in real life! (One has to discount the "dreams" they had of each other)

3) It starts with the hero/heroine searching for the Holy Grail in every story, since that seems to be the theme. I find it ridiculous that they (hero and heroine) would want to get the Holy Grail for (something like) saving their country. It is just pushing the boundaries i set for Paranormal Romances (not in a good way). Plus the stories aren't told nicely, it was too fast, hence I didn't like this book.

In conclusion, seeing that i have no good things to say about this book, i'll give this  2.5/5. Not one i would want to re-read it.

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lisa :) said...

Thanks for the review. From the premise I thought it sounded good, but I'm not a fan of short stories - for many of the reasons you listed - so I suppose this will be one for me to skip.