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Book Review: Vision In White by Nora Roberts

Book Review: Vision In White by Nora Roberts

#1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts cordially invites you to meet childhood friends Parker, Emma, Laurel, and Mac – the founders of Vows, one of Connecticut’s premier wedding planning companies.

After years of throwing make-believe weddings in the backyard, flowers, photography, desserts, and details are what these women do best: a guaranteed perfect, beautiful day full of memories to last the rest of your life.

With bridal magazine covers to her credit, Mackensie “Mac” Elliot is most at home behind the camera – ready to capture the happy moments she never experienced while growing up. Her father replaced his first family with a second, and now her mother, moving on to yet another man, begs Mac for attention and money. Mac’s foundation is jostled again moments before an important wedding planning meeting when she bumps into the bride-to-be’s brother…an encounter that has them both seeing stars.

Carter Maguire is definitely not her type: he’s stable, and he’s safe. He’s even an English teacher at their high school alma mater. There’s something about him that makes Mac think a casual fling is just what she needs to take her mind off dealing with bride-zillas and screening her mother’s phone calls. But a casual fling can turn into something more when you least expect it. And with the help of her three best friends – and business partners – Mac must learn how to make her own happy memories…

I really liked this book, with its unique characters unlike other romance rovels.

In other novels, the hero is tall, well-built, dominating, arrogant and knows how to seduce a woman. However, in this book, the hero is lanky, slighty sensitive, knows how to listen and stammers sometimes when he meets the heroine. He has the type of inner will which you don't really see in romance novels, be it in the heros or heroines. You can say this character is definitely NOT a sterotype, which somehow or rather makes him likable. Reading this novel has endeared him to me, and he has (unexpectedly) become the few heros that i like.

I am also very envious of the friendship betweeen the heroine and her 3 other friends. Through up and downs, they are still together for more than 10years, each with their own roles in the wedding business.

This book focuses more on the emotional feelings of both leads and there are plenty of dialouge between the characaters. The book was well written in the fact that it had told how both hero and heroine fell in love with each other. Instead of the usual "sparks flew and we got in bed etc." in typical romance novels, this was more of a "we got to know each other and the flame burned, slow but steady" type, which was really nice and a good change.

If you are tired of those romance novels' plots that are too unrealistic, not enough emotional description and despicting the hero as one not likely seen in real life and you want romance that ordinary people can find, then this book is just for you!

I was lucky enough to pick up this novel to read and hope that you'll might be too.

Rating: 4/5

Vision In White is Book 1 of the Bride Quartet series.

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