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Manga Review: Olimpos, by Aki

Manga Review: Olimpos, by Aki

I am reading Olimpos and whew, let me tell you, the story is so captivating. It is not as simple as 1 + 1  but there are many complications in this manga. Not to say that there are many twists and turns but rather, it is more in the mental and emotional stance. This is the manga that i think anyone will like. It shows that humans, even gods, sometimes become twisted, not until they are evil, but just ... twisted. Their thinking is slightly different from us normal humans; after all, who will remain sane if they are immortal and just stay in a "garden" however beautiful for the rest of their lives, which is estentially forever.

What was unique about this story is that the manga is told from different perspectives, be it from the young man, Ganymede, Heinz or from the god, Apollo. It will definitely keep you interested in clicking the Next button because it is just that good.

Another plus is it's beautiful art. The artist focus more on the clothing aspect, in my opinion, but doesn't do bad at all when drawing the characters' expressions. This is probably among the most memorable manga that i've read because it really dives into the question of whether being immortal is really all that fun. And, it takes a good artist to make sure that the characters remain in the line of being twisted, and are sometimes toeing it, but not until they are completely evil and the reader can't sympathise with them.

However, the manga seemed to have lost its steam in the second volume. There was a little cliff hanger at the end and it ended quite abrutly.

I give this manga a 4 / 5 . You should go check it out, no matter what your preference is.

When Heinz goes to church to pray, he says he'll do anything to get his wish granted - as long as it's not too hard. So when someone answers his prayer, he agrees to the condition: if he convinces a shut-in to step outside, his wish will be granted. But when Heinz agrees, a beautiful man claiming to be God appears before him, kisses him, and whisks him away to a world full of flowers and everlasting night. It is there that he finds a young man trapped by his own despair and belief that he cannot leave, and Heinz must convince the boy that escape is possible in order to return to his own life and have his wish granted.

You can get your fix HERE . The series is completed.

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