Wednesday, August 4, 2010


What happened today was an experience that didn't had that much an impact on my life but i think I'll more or less remember it.

For the quiz on YOG, i voluntarily went ran up to the steps of the stage to answer the question. I was surprised with myself because i didn't think i was that courageous. I mean, when i was in primary school, the presenter had picked me, of all people (but i think it was because i was wearing a pink jacket at that time), to go on stage to answer his question but i kept shaking my head. No, no, no.

And now i just ran there to answer. Could you see how much i support the YOG?

No, really. When he showed the question, i was thinking, "Will i regret it later? Will i regret it?" and then when no one went up, i just stood and ran.

Wow. I am kinda proud of myself of doing that, though i could have stared at the audience instead of just hiding my face behind my hair and staring at the screen and at him.

I'm pleased.

BTW, i was unable to win the prize --wrong answer-- but at least i had gain something much more in return.


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