Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ok, so I haven't really updated my blog daily but I'll give you some updates now.

I am currently bunking in my other aunty's house for some days ( 2 or 3? ). Her family is very close, always laughing themselves out. I do feel a little envious.

I will be going back to Singapore on New Year's eve. Too soon, but late enough for my Mum's Birthday. Oops.

I definitely will miss staying with my relatives here, but sleeping till 10am every morning is one that I look forward to. Finally, I will get enough beauty sleep. :D

I am also hoping to get a job and volunteer when I go back home.

I will (probably) be more appreciative of my Dad. 

I will continue my guitar playing. 

I will start learning to cook.

Alright, that's about what I have in my mind now.

Adiós, my friend

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