Saturday, January 23, 2010

C.J.'s Fate, by Kay Hooper

This is the first book review post of this year. Hope you enjoy this book and the rest that i will introduce you to! :)

Here's the cover plus the summary.

C. J. Adams, who'd been teased about her seeming lack of interest in men, one day impulsively embraced a handsome stranger, pretending they were secret lovers. Then the man seized the moment to deepen the kiss—and aroused in her a passionate need she'd never expected. Had destiny somehow tossed them together?

Usually, i feel that most of Hooper's books, which are those thriller kinds, did not really let me enjoy them. However, i really like this book. There's humor and romance which when mixed together makes it an enjoyable book that i can read all year round. Especially when it is able to cheer me up. :)

She paused to stare down the hallway toward the elevators. That was when she saw the man, and a wave of uncharacteristic recklessness surged through her. Along with a wild idea.

Well, why not? There was enough romance jammed into her history-inclined mind to fake a romance. Wasn't there? A mysterious stranger and secret lovers, perhaps? And at least it would get her friends off her back.

The man was tall, casually dressed in sweater and slacks, and moved with easy, loose-limb grace.

C.J. took a step forward, catching the startled stranger's hand and drew him quickly towards her. Looking up at him with an unintentionally bewitching smile, she said in a low, breathy voice just loud enough for her friends to hear," Darling, I'm so glad you could make it after all." Before the girls could see his bemused expression, she pulled him swiftly into the room.

She ... said sweetly toher stunned friends " Excuse us ... please." And gently shut the door.

C.J. ... lips curved into a delighted smile as the silence outside broke into a babble of disbelief.

Hahaha! Wasn't that fun!

This was why i got to read the rest of the book.

If you enjoy sweet romance with humor in between, then this is the book for you.

3.5 out of 5

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