Monday, February 22, 2010

Hi every body.

This is Ed again.
. . .

Why do i even bother. There's no one here except me. I'm such a fool. Just by looking at my tagboard i can see that NO ONE comes here. Am i that unpopular? I mean i know my classmates who see me every day think that i'm ugly, reddish and freakish but shouldn't there be SOMEONE writing in my tagboard? Even if that someone is writing spam, i don't care. It just shows that SOMEONE is on my blog reading my posts. I spend my time writing them and NO ONE reads them! What do i HAVE to do for you to read my blog?! Type in the way teens type? Lke tis? Wuld it atract u? Huh?

There's a history test tomorrow and i'm spending my time here typing so that YOU can read them. But the problem is that there's NO ONE AROUND!!!


Am i that unpopular?

I have no idea why i'm using computer when i SHOULD be studying for my test. -___- This whole week is all about tests, tests and more tests. I feel like i'm walking on clouds. ...

And then after this post, i will be watching 'Charlie's Angels'. Ya ya. Even though i have watched it a million times i still can't stop. It's like me reading 'Blue Eyed Devil' . The movie ends at 9pm so i probably won't be reading up on my history, my geography, my A Maths, my E Maths, my Social Studies and my Physics.


So many tests!!!! ARHHHHHH!!!! I'm going mad.
So please don't blame me for relaxing today .... Even though i know i'll regret it tomorrow.....

Good Bye

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