Saturday, February 20, 2010

Went to Orchard.

I went to Orchard. Mainly to go Wheellock place, which has Borders. Very big.

But the book i wanted to buy was not there :( Damn it. The Nalini Singh's books that were there were only 'Enchanted Season' and 'Hostage to Pleasure'. What i wanted was 'Blaze of Memory'

It was released in Nov 2009. And it's still not here. How long do i have to wait?!

But since all i had was time, i read 'Enchanted Season'.

It's the story of Nate/Nathan and Tammy :D . Quite interesting, since this is before Slave to Pleasure, when Lucas was still a teenager (Please read the book if you don't understand what i'm talking about).

Then went to Ion's Food Opera to eat. -_- The food there are so expensive. . ..

Then came home.

Then started on this.

How 'bout you?

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