Friday, February 19, 2010

Thank You Ange!

I received chocolate from Ange. Was surprised (though i shouldn't be since she promised me.... *rolls eyes* I'm contradicting the previous post. .... Terribly sorry for that Ange!)

I have to say, i'm the type of person who will grumble when you don't do what you've promised me but then act surprised when you do it -_-. I'm sooo idiotic. In the first place, i probably shouldn't even have asked anthing from any of you.

Which means that when you decide to give me something, i am able to act extremely surprised and my heart won't feel like i'm forcing you to do something you don't or won't do!

Since i received a chocolate from Ange and choked on my water in Chem lesson, i guess that's why Friday Is An Awesome Day. :)

Good bye,

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