Monday, February 15, 2010

Lisa Kleypas books

I have decided that this week, i will spend my angpao money on Lisa Kleypas books. Every single time the books in the library have been borrowed. EVERY SINGLE DAMN TIME.

Thanks to Joey and her friends, i got to read Smooth Talking Stranger (haven't completed yet) and Tempt me at Twilight ( Thanks a lot Joey!!! XD ). So in total, all the Lisa Kleypas books i've read are:

Blue Eyed Devil

Tempt me at Twilight,

Someone to Watch over Me

Scandal in Spring

and Smooth Talking Stranger.

Only 5. ONLY 5!!

I hate this. I hate this. I absolutely hay-te this!!

One way or the other, i am gonna read ALL of her books. No one can stop me!! Curse you people who got to the book first!!

**Found out that Blue Eyed Devil IS AVAILABLE IN BUKIT BATOK. *scream* I hope i'll be the lucky one who gets the book. Curse you people who borrowed it first.

Oh, and have a Happy Chinese New Year

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