Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Went to West Mall and BORROWED THE BOOK! :D (for those who don't know what the book is, go HERE (2nd last para.)

I know i know. It would be much easier if i just write the name down. But hey, you got to exercise.

In my hurry to reach the book, i actually tripped near the entrance. Landed on my knee. Luckily there was a carpet covering. The employees that saw me fell/tripped were shocked.... But i think in their minds they were thinking: who's this retarded looking person who can't even walk properly? ... I was running at that time, mind you.

Anyway. Started reading on it again. My mother commented implied that it's stupid to re read the same book with the same plot again and again. But i like it so no matter.

What's the book that you can't stop reading it? Tell me, i'm so very curious :)

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