Sunday, March 28, 2010

Book Review: The Stolen Princess, by Anne Gracie

Book Review: The Stolen Princess, by Anne Gracie

She's fast becoming one of my favorite authors. It was a stroke of luck that i was able to read this book.:D

The younger son of an earl, Gabriel Fitzpaine earned glory and honor on the battlefield, but now, without purpose, he finds himself deliberately courting danger at every turn. Then one night he races his horse along a death-defying moonlit cliff-and stumbles upon a princess on the run.

It's an amazing blend of a strong willed heroine and a sensitve yet macho hero. ;)
Really liked how the story goes. It's almost as if i'm watching the story unfold before my very eyes, like i'm just standing in front of them!

Callie is running away from the people who wants to hurt her son to gain the throne. She's afraid for Nicky and so decides to hide in her ex-governess home. However, she meets with some obstacles, leading to an encounter with Gabriel.

So she hides in his house for a few days. And this is on the second day:

She delibrately slowed her pace and stopped to stare earnestly at a flower. She had no idea what it was; she'd never been good at botany, but he didn't know that.

He stopped beside her and waited. She felt the warm wash of his gaze flow over her. And ignored it. She stared hard at the flower. He bent and peered it over her shoulder.

"Fastinating," she murmured, trying not to be aware of the proximity of his big, masculine body.

"Utterly," he agreed fervently. "Something special, do you think?"

She frowned thoughtfully over the small, blue-flowered plant. "It could well be," she said, hoping he was no botanist.

"It definitely could be," he agreed. "If only creeping charley was not regarded as a weed in England." He paused a moment, then added, "Shall i get someone to pull it out before it spreads, or would you rather paint it or press it in your Weeds of England scrapbook?"

She continued the walk in dignified silence. He strolled along beside her.

I was smiling all the way while i copied this. :)
It's really a great book. One designed to make you smile. 4 out of 5. It's a good past time when you have nothing else to do.

Hope you enjoy it,

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