Sunday, March 28, 2010

Manga Review: Yuru Koi, by Yoshino Aki

Manga Review: Yuru Koi, by Yoshino Aki

Quitting her job, Suzu comes back to her hometown after six years. On her way back home, she fell into a hole, and was saved by Sou, the guy who dug that hole. Her first impression of him was horrible. But Suzu started to be attracted by this guy, who weaved his way into her heart before she realized it?!

Yuru Koi is also translated as All Love.

The art is beautiful, the characters are awesome. Makes me feel all warm and bubbly when i read it.               
You'll definitely feel happy for the couple when they get to together ^__^. Hehe, I can really see them growing old and walking together hand-in-hand. Oh, so romantic!


Recommended for people who likes sweet, romantic manga with a touch of reality.

Go Here~! to read it! Don't wait, Go for it!



:) Enjoy!

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