Monday, March 1, 2010

Skin Privileges

It's the first day of the month!! Yay!! No tests for this two weeks (probably)

People who visited my blog and post on my tag box, i thank you for spending your time and effort to read my posts. I humbly bow and thank you.

Today is the 1st of March 2010, and a Monday.

Don't you think time passes too fast? I can still remember vividly last week when i got my allowance money. And the face on my mother when she said "So fast?" Haha :D

Anyway, i wanted to post a post about Skin Privileges. Like in the world of Psy-Changeling of Nalini Singh, we, humans, are also particular about who's touching us. We are more comfortable when a trusted person (eg: your parents or girl/boyfriends) are touching us than when a stranger does that.

Not THAT type of touching (get rid of the horny thoughts in your mind) but something along the lines of resting your knee against his/her, sitting close to him/her on the seats when usually, with a stranger, there would be a small yet visible line between you and that stranger.

You can easily see whether one knows the person sitting beside them (on the bus/train). If one does, she (in this case) would most probably lean towards one another while if she didn't know the other person, there would be a gap in between them.

The reason? Most people do not feel comfortable woth a stranger touching them, because they don't know them at all. Hence, there is no skin privileges granted to the stranger by her.

With friends, you can see the difference. She allows her friends to sit close to her, without thinking anything uncomfortable about it. However, she does not let her friends become too touchy with her. She does not let her male friends kiss her (unless she feels an attraction to him too). That is only reserved for her lovers/boyfriends.

So there is also a boundary between the skin privileges she grants to her boyfriends/lovers, her friends and strangers.

Most of us are like that too, aren't we? We are certainly very particular about who's touching who, don't you agree?

Ending off, I would like to thank YOU who are still reading this post and i hope to see you again ^__^

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