Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wist List

Out of all the things in the world, only these few have caught my attention.


An e-reader.

I am waiting for the day that i'll get it. Hopefully, it'll be on my *cough*birthday*cough*.

Next up is the e-books.... If i don't have the e-books to read, why the hell do i even need it? which is why i need them.

Third is BOOKS!! All you readers will know i'm an avid lover of romance books. So, *grin* the only time you see me without my books, is when i have a mental problem or when i'm dead.

A few on my books wistlists are:

- Perfect Series, by Anne Gracie ("___")

-Wallflowers Series, by Lisa Kleypas (>__<)
- W Juliet Manga, by Emura (I know, i know it's a manga but it's soo good!)

If you are able to get me some of these things, i will--quite simply--be indebted to you forever and ever. :D

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