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Book Review: Crystal Clear by Nell Dixon

Book Review: Crystal Clear by Nell Dixon

Sometimes you have to go back to move forward...

For years Zee has tried to ignore her real name (who calls their kid Azure Dawn?) and her mother Marla's alternative lifestyle. A million miles away from all that new-age nonsense, she's got a reliable teaching job, a perfect life plan and sensible accountant Simon for a fiance. But when Marla gets sick, the foundations of Zee's rock-steady world are seriously shaken. Soon she's back home, in touch with the boy who broke her heart and even being sucked into one of her mum's hare-brained schemes. What about Zee's plans for the future?! Could they ever include a free-spirit from her past?

This is written in a first person view. I mainly like those in second-person but i think this book has been written fairly well.

I like Zee but not that much. She cares for her mother, after spending some time together, albeit a little too much. Especially when Zee realise her mother is intent on carrying out "crazy ideas". So she tries to stop it but fails. Then she meets Drew, her ex-boyfriend. Hormones fly about BUT Zee feels uncomfortable with the fact that she has a fiance so why the hell is she still feeling the attraction for another guy?!! Simon, Zee's fiance, is her way to a perfect (in her mind) life but it seems that not all is perfect.

 Problems arise.

Add an ex-boyfriend and a stranger (or is it?) into the mix and what do you get?

A up-and-down with some random things thrown in between and woa-lia! A chocolately, sweet book. But there are places where it's bitter.

Let's start with Drew. He is kinda an ass (before i mean), when he abandoned Zee for something else. Then 9 years later he appeared. So-called intruded onto Zee's life... Really not liking his actions at that time, though his *coughs* looks raised himself A BIT on my indictor.

However, it's good. The book is quite interesting. Though your eyes won't really be glued to the words, there's a warmly feeling when i read finish this book.

YET there are still things that i wish the book could contain.

Simon could appear face-to-face with Zee for the break-up. I mean what if it is really a misunderstanding?? What if the "excuse" Zee thought was actually the truth? It would be better if he actually appear since just going by Zee's thoughts is not enough. And i also think that the proposal is a little too rush; there's not enough time for Drew to actually realise that he's still in love with her.

You will like this book if you go for family-themed books which uses a first-person view and the characters are not really written in depth most of the time but does quite well in other aspects

Rating: 3.25/5

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