Thursday, May 20, 2010

My happiness level has twofold-ed


Well, because we've received back all our Common Tests papers annnd, to sum it all, I got:

Social Studies -- 22/25 (Usually my SS is low, this is damn good a change!)

History -- 15/25  (  :\ disappointed with myself)

E Maths -- 93/100  ( ... OMG)

Physics  62/80  ( phew, that's good ^^)

English is a B4 or C5   ( I passed!)

In addition to my previous post

So yeah, I'm in a verrrry good mood today :D

Though i realise i'm one of the lucky few that didn't fail anything. BUT it does not mean that i won't fail in the months to come ( now i'm trying to be humble here people...). So with a little encouragement from you (my friends), i think i can do well for 'O's. ^^


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kumako08 said...

whoa... u sure are good at maths >_<

hope u do good for O's