Wednesday, May 19, 2010

If you like me then you should feel happy for me cause...

Today's the day when we get back our Common Tests marks and i got

90 out of 100

for my A maths!! xDD I think my jaw just dropped when i heard that!

Plus my Chemistry and Chinese got 69/80 and 62 overall. I didn't fail~!

Furthermore, I got 43/50 for my Geography paper.

So i guess i am in a pretty good mood ^^

Though i realise that i shouldn't be too happy
cause this is not the 'O's yet,
i can't help but feel elated.
But I also realise that i'm showing off
but to me,
 it feels like i'm sharing my happiness with you,
 my visitor

Nothing can destroy my good mood today :D

Sports Day 2010

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