Monday, August 23, 2010


I am starting to be very into crocheting; every time, from Friday till now i had been crocheting, crocheting and crocheting.  There are many tutorials on YouTube, such as on tjw1963's channel  which are just begging for your attention!

I have crocheted a few flowers

and was a little bored of it so i went online and used the Free Rice Search Engine, to do my part to help feed the poor. You can too, by adding a banner to your blog and promoting this, just like what i have did. .. . Now this feels suspiciously like I'm advertising something :s

But anyway, while i FreeRice-ed it, i saw quite a  few unique ideas about using the leftover plastic bags that we usually would throw away and change them into bags,


water bottle carriers

and other amazing objects!

Wow, i am soo excited! I think i want to give them a try :D

Of course, after my 'O' levels ;)

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